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Sustainable Aquaculture

Meeting global demand for sustainably farmed fish and seafood

Sustainability is a central pillar of our operation, and we take into consideration much more than just our environmental footprint. We define sustainability as safeguarding the needs and aspirations of the present without compromising future generations. Our brands are known for leadership in sustainable practices and reporting. We work closely with our customers to improve their productivity and support the welfare of fish. From raw materials to the plate, we use integrated management systems to help ensure nutritious and safe food.

Our commitment to sustainable seafood

As a leading supplier of feed and nutrition for the international aquaculture industry, Cargill is committed to use of responsible and sustainable practices that support increasing global consumption of fish and seafood, protect the environment and help farmers succeed.

Our progress in protecting sustainable aquaculture

Our focus on research, nutrition and innovation enables farmers to grow the supply of healthy fish and seafood, improve food production efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of aquaculture. We provide sustainable solutions for farmers of salmon, tilapia, shrimp, carp, catfish and other species of fish and seafood.

Sustainability Reporting

To deliver on our promise of healthy seafood for future generations, we commit to support the sustainable growth of the global aquaculture industry by creating better operations in a better workplace with better supply chains.

Feed & Ingredients

We improve aquaculture sustainability by increasing the efficiency of feed production and conversion, reducing environmental impact and conserving natural resources.

Water Quality

We enhance water quality by improving aquaculture production practices and developing feed innovations that keep water clean. 

Producer Support

We work directly with aquaculture producers to help them raise more fish and seafood sustainably. 

Sourcing Standards

We source high quality, sustainable ingredients that protect the supply of marine resources for future generations.  

Certifications & Collaboration

We collaborate with others across the aquaculture industry to promote best practices and improve sustainability. 

Our presence

We continue to grow our global aquaculture business. In 2015, we expanded into the salmon feed market through our acquisition of EWOS, a leading supplier since 1935 of feed for salmon, trout and tropical species. Today, Cargill has 38 aquaculture feed facilities in 20 countries. We invest in aquaculture research and development at our innovation centers in the U.S., Norway and Chile and through our technology application facilities around the world. 

At the new EWOS Fish Health Center in southern Chile, we are conducting research and developing innovative solutions to combat viruses, bacteria and parasites and improve fish health worldwide.