Feed Additives

Take the next step with additives that can help support animal health and performance

Innovative science is the foundation of our PROMOTE™ range of products designed to enhance feed performance while contributing to animal well-being.

Feed additives that drive results

We know you need to achieve optimal performance and efficiency to differentiate your business and increase profitability. Our PROMOTE™ range of feed additive solutions is your go-to set of tools to help you do just that. PROMOTE™ includes solutions that enhance feed performance while contributing to animal well-being. The range also focusses on improving the inter-relationship between nutrition and gut health, intestinal microflora and immunity.

Our objective is to help you to tackle your most important challenges through innovative scientific applications. These cutting-edge solutions help deal with challenges such as:

Mycotoxin risk management

These fungi-based toxins can make their way into animal feeds and cause oxidative stress, which can lead to liver, kidney and intestinal damage. We combat this threat for you using records from the world’s largest pattern database and analytical tools to offer an online service that proactively determines mycotoxin levels in your ingredients before they become a problem. We also offer feeding programs designed to support animals facing mycotoxin challenges.

Improving fiber digestion in ruminants

Fiber is the largest portion of a cow’s diet, but it’s also the most underutilized. You can unlock energy and protein from the feed with a solution that accelerates fiber digestion and increases the nutritional value of diet . This in turn improves lactation and milk quality, and helps with post-calving weight recovery.

Oxidative Stress Prevention

Nutritional oxidative imbalance can lead to stress and tissue damage in animals. It also is energy consuming and detrimental to growth, production, reproduction and body defense systems. Our nutritional antioxidant additives can help reinforce the antioxidant status of animals, so you don’t have to deal with these costly challenges.

Anaferm fact graphicImproving performance & animal well-being with PROMOTE™

PROMOTE™ puts our legacy of feed industry leadership into your hands, helping you to propel animal performance and business profitability to new levels. PROMOTE™ combines the extensive additives research, feed-application insights, and global expertise in selecting, developing and commercializing the most impactful additive products that make us a trusted advisor to many customers around the globe.

Our PROMOTE™ offer includes both multi-species lines and dedicated species solutions:

  • Notox™, a range of solutions (both feeding programs and a unique online risk management tool, Notox™ Online, that uses data from the world’s largest pattern database to support animal performance under mycotoxin challenge conditions.
  • Proviox™, a specific blend of nutritional anti-oxidants which reinforces the nutritional anti-oxidant status of the animal or bird.
  • Enzae™, enzymes that improve the nutritional values of ingredients and feed.

Products by species

We also offer specific solutions for different livestock species:

Feed additives for piglets, sows, and hogs

  • CinergyTM, our range of tailor-made solutions for swine, including Cinergy TM FIT, a unique blend of stabilized essential oils compounds specifically selected for their beneficial effect in swine diets.
  • ProhacidTM, a range of carefully selected organic acid blends chosen for their complementary effects on pH reduction and animal performance
  • NectaromTM, a range of flavorings which encourage higher feed intake

*Promote is not available in South Africa, please contact your local representative for availability in your country.