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Podcast: What's next for dairy-free?

In this Table Talk Podcast, our Cargill team discusses the latest consumer and product development trends, and how to overcome the formulation challenges.

Listen to podcast here

Partner with us to overcome your formulation challenges in dairy alternatives

The ongoing rise of dairy alternatives presents a huge market opportunity, but also brings with it challenges. After all, today’s dairy-free products need to stand out in terms of both sensory, and nutritional profile. What’s more, consumers are scrutinizing the ingredient label on dairy alternatives like never before.

Effectively replacing dairy proteins and fats with label-friendly alternatives requires not just a wide ingredients portfolio, but also demands deep formulation expertise.

Cargill offers the broadest range of plant-based solutions required to win in dairy alternatives, including plant proteins, vegetable fats & oils, texturizers, and starches.

Moreover, the INFUSE by Cargill™ service model tailors ingredient blends to answer specific customer requests.

Benefit from our solutions and extensive formulation experience, and partner with us on tomorrow’s winning dairy alternatives. Let’s reach pastures new together!