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Texturizing solutions for your every need

After all, texture is such a vital part of the sensory perception process. It affects our enjoyment of a food and how acceptable we find it. In fact at its’ most basic, it’s a clear marker for consumers to identify what a food actually is. At Cargill, we are always on the lookout for our customers to help them develop on trend solutions that meet the latest texture demands.

Cargill’s broad texture portfolio is backed by application centers offering extensive application know-how and pilot production facilities, helping you create new concepts and tailor existing formulations. Our world-class formulation expertise means unparalleled technical support, while our focus on cultivating partnerships means that we are dedicated to your success. In short, we offer a wealth of solutions for texture, and the technical competence for their optimal application.

Starches & Derivatives

The broadest starch portfolio in the industry, supported by world-class formulation expertise and encompassing native, functional and modified starches.


Pectin is a label friendly, plant-based texturizer providing different key functionalities all along the food manufacturing process and in different categories and conditions. High in demand in the food industry where new applications are constantly being discovered.


Citrus Fiber

A label-friendly citrus fiber obtained without chemical modification, which provides nutritional properties and a great texture enhancement.


Carrageenan are water soluble polysaccharides extracted from red seaweeds with thickening, stabilizing and gelling properties.


Seaweed Powder

A label friendly food ingredient based on native seaweed obtained without any chemical modification. It brings stability and indulgence to dairy and plant based dairy alternative applications.



Lecithin is a multi-purpose food ingredient that primarily functions as an emulsifier and dispersing agent. Lecithin is also a surfactant.

Xanthan Gum

Cargill has an extensive xanthan gum range. It includes regular and transparent grades, available in powdered or granulated form.