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Snack Oil Solutions

Get a Taste of What We Can Do in Our Snacks Lab


From fry tests to product development, our snacks application experts work on a variety of category solutions from our Cargill Food Innovation Center. 


Your partner for oil solutions that drive better snacks

High Oleic Oil

Cargill’s Clear Valley® high oleic oils offer high stability, clean flavor, longer shelf life, and superior performance.


Frying Oils

Oils and shortenings developed to stand up to the harsh conditions of frying while enhancing the flavor, crispiness, appearance and mouth-feel of your fried snacks.


Cooking Oils

Portfolio of oils that can be used for snack frying, roasting,  baking, and spray oils.


Organic & Non-GMO Oils

Reliable Supply. Reliable Performance. Meeting consumer demand for organic and non-GMO ingredients.


All-Purpose Shortening

All-purpose shortenings allow for exceptional mouthfeel, lubricity, texture, and structure for a variety of snack applications.


Family eating breakfast

Our extensive portfolio of edible oils, deep level of consumer insight and decades of experience with food product formulation can help you produce successful, high-quality food products that meet the needs of today’s demanding consumers.

Cereal, Snacks and Bars Ingredient Supplier

Bars, cereals, chips & crisps, crackers, and salty snacks.