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Cargill Sweeteners - MaltWise

MaltWise® Wheat & Barley Malt Syrup

Massive changes are afoot in the brewing industry. As brewers continuously increase their production efficiency, they also aspire to brew their beers in an ever-more sustainable manner. Consumers at the same time demand ever-more choices in taste profiles, experiences and alcohol levels, yet always as label-friendly as can be.

MaltWise® is a wheat and barley malt syrup that meets ISO natural definition* requirements. It answers consumers’ demand for recognizable ingredients and is a perfect fit for beer ingredient lists.  

MaltWise® is only mildly processed, helping to ensure nutrients and minerals are preserved in the syrup. With its light grainy taste and pale yellow color, it’s a great match with beer’s color and flavor profile. 

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MaltWise® M helps to boost fermentation in full alcoholic beers, thereby increasing brewing output lines. It is high in maltose and easily fermentable sugars, with similar functionality to traditionally used brewing adjuncts. MaltWise® M is suitable for both alcoholic beers and no- and low- (NOLO) alcohol beers. 

MaltWise® L has been specifically created for the NOLO market, as it improves both the production capacity & stability and the quality of no- and low- alcohol beers. It does this by reducing and monitoring the fermentability of wort and bringing back mouthfeel. 

MaltWise Benefits - Label-friendly   Label-friendly ingredient: A nature-derived syrup from wheat and malted barley, MaltWise® meets ISO natural definition* and fits perfectly in beer ingredient lists.

*ISO/TS 19657:2017 (

Production process

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EU Labeling & Legislation

Wheat & barley malt syrup is regulated under the EC Directive 2001/111/EC relating to certain sugars intended for human consumption.

We recommend including wheat and barley malt syrup in the ingredient declaration on the labels of finished foods and beverages.