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SimPure Soluble Rice Starch | Food & Beverage Ingredients Bulk Supplier

SimPure™ Soluble Rice Flour

Label-friendly Alternative to Maltodextrin

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More and more, ingredient familiarity matters. SimPure™ 92260 harnesses one of nature's most traditional botanical sources – rice – to create a label-friendly alternative to maltodextrin.

SimPure label-friendly starches logoSimplicity + ingenuity

Traditional rice flours aren't very soluble, but Cargill technology overcame that hurdle to create a highly soluble rice flour with performance comparable to maltodextrin.

  • One-to-one replacement for 10 DE maltodextrin in a variety of applications
  • Similar viscosity, sensory and bulking performance to maltodextrin; adds creamy mouthfeel in some applications
  • Positive consumer perception of soluble rice flour, validated through research*

Label-friendly formulation

  • Familiar Ingredient
  • Gluten-free
  • FDA GRAS Letter of No Objection
  • Project Non-GMO Verification Pending


  • Beverages (Powdered)
  • Bakery
  • Convenience Foods: Sauces & Dressings, Seasoning Mixes
  • Dairy
  • Flavor Carriers
  • Snacks

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* Source: Cargill IngredienTracker, 2021.

Cargill develops rice-based maltodextrin alternative

Rice-based Maltodextrin Starch

With customers clamoring for a more label-friendly alternative, Cargill challenged its food scientists to uncover a consumer-pleasing, but easy-to-use replacement. The result was SimPure™ RF 92260, a soluble rice flour. 


SimPure Soluble Rice Flour

SimPure Soluble Rice Flour

Learn about this innovative, label-friendly alternative to maltodextrin.



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