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Cargill CremoFLEX

CremoFLEX® A: The Volumizer

Our dedicated and knowledgeable Cargill experts offer CremoFLEX® A range to create light indulgent experiences with fluffier textures for tailormade bakery & confectionery applications

Our experts say

  • 75% better whipping performance than standard laurics and non-laurics
  • Ternary product composition outperform binary blends with higher overrun and softer texture over time
Cargill CremoFLEX A recipe card cover

Mouthwatering mashup with CremoFLEX® A

Today’s consumers place a high level of importance on experiences. In line with this trend, our developers created the concept for an indulgent savory hybrid product that truly stimulates the senses using CremoFLEX® A.

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What's in it for you?

  • Balanced addition of air enables fluffier fillings
  • Stable and softer foams
  • Lighter & smoother textures, increased volume, decreased viscosity, and lower density over time
  • Efficient capturing of air bubbles allows for a reduced fat content, and an improved nutri-score
  • Enables a reduced ingredient list and managed cost in use
  • Surround tender cream fillings with a crunchy texture, and maintain thru shelf-life
  • Use a variety of textures to balance sweetness, and reduce calories
  • Easily blend with sugar, dairy/plant-based powders, flavors, cocoa, light inclusions, and nut paste


Filled macarons, Mousse, Éclairs, Non-dairy whipped creams, Patisserie delights, Topped cupcakes

Cargill CremoFLEX A

The Volumizer

Want to turn up the volume on your delicacies? Learn how CremoFLEX® A will let you create lighter & smoother textures and increased volume.

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