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Cargill's range of premium filling fats

CremoFLEX logoThe conscientious consumer of today expects innovative sensory experiences, while challenges such as clean label, nutritional profile and sustainability are increasingly influencing their purchasing decisions. To help food manufactures solve these major challenges, Cargill has launched CremoFLEX®, our latest range of premium filling fats, across Europe.

CremoFLEX® filling fats can be tailored to suit different specific formulation needs, including the use of RSPO certified palm solutions, and can be used in several applications like filled biscuits and sandwich cookies, wafers, filled chocolates tablets and pralines.

Order a free sample of CremoFLEX® now!

N.B. Samples are limited to food manufacturers based in EMEA (countries listed above), who purchase a minimum of 25 metric tons of filling fats annually from Cargill or any other supplier.

CremoFLEX® is available in the following ranges, each with specific features:

Cargill CremoFLEX S

CremoFLEX® S

  • SUS type, CB compatible
  • Non lauric based
  • Tempering required
  • Cool and clean melting
Cargill CremoFLEX F

CremoFLEX® F

  • Lauric based Non temper required
  • Bloom retarding
  • Flexible solutions available with wide melting range
Cargill CremoFLEX L

CremoFLEX® L

  • Non lauric based Non temper required
  • Long lasting flavor release
  • SAFA levels from 35% up to 55%
  • Smooth texture and creamy