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CremoFLEX® E

CremoFLEX® E is “The Enabler” that allows you to achieve alternative wellbeing. 

Dedicated to bakery and confectionery applications, the CremoFLEX® E range offers enhanced texture varieties while enabling multiple sensory experiences for premium and wellness-focused applications.


Cargill CremoFLEX E

The Enabler

√ Cocoa butter based

√ Label-friendly & healthier (non hydrogenated, high monounsaturated fat)

√ Easy processing (no tempering required)

√ Improved crystallization speed

√ Blendable with cocoa butter

√ Can tolerate nut and seed oils

√ Enable enhanced texture varieties

√ Incorporate air for softer, lighter textures


Request a free sample with CremoFLEX® E

N.B. Samples are limited to food manufacturers based in EMEA, who purchase a minimum of 25 metric tons of filling fats annually from Cargill or any other supplier.