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Cargill CremoFLEX L

CremoFLEX® L: The Equalizer

CremoFLEX® L truly is “The Equalizer” that allows you to achieve a healthier option to fulfil the health requirements that are becoming increasingly important for consumers.

Our dedicated and knowledgeable Cargill experts offer CremoFLEX® L range to also help you achieve soft and creamy fillings with long-lasting flavor release for bakery and confectionery filling applications.


Our experts say

  • Soft to medium textures achievable up to 65% unsaturated fatty acids content.
  • No oiling out in fat-based spreads due to improved crystal network.
  • Provides faster crystallization (15%) and shorter setting times than standard non-interesterified oils.


Cargill CremoFLEX L recipe card cover

Let CremoFLEX® L raise the bar!

To show what’s possible, our experts created a fiber-enriched cereal bar with an elderflower flavored kefir filling.

Request your recipe card to learn more!

What's in it for you?

  • Sustainable palm (RSPO)

  • Label-friendly & healthier (non-hydrogenated, high monounsaturated fat)

  • Lower saturated fatty acid levels (35-55%) compared to similar ranges

  • Blendable with cocoa butter

  • Can tolerate nut and seed oils

  • Easy processing (no tempering required) 


Sandwich cookies with a soft, creamy filling.

Cargill CremoFLEX L

The Equalizer

Learn how CremoFLEX® L will let you achieve a healthier option.

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