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ViaTech sweeteners

Stevia leaf extract

Around the world, more consumers are reaching for lower-calorie foods made of sweetness coming from a natural source.

Meet the stevia plant. The proud parent of our natural sourced sweetener. People have been sweetening foods and beverages with stevia leaves for hundreds of years. Stevia is a plant (specifically, a member of the chrysanthemum family) native to portions of northeastern Paraguay. The taste comes from the sweet components in the leaf called steviol glycosides. Truvia® stevia leaf extract is comprised of the best tasting steviol glycosides.


Food and beverage manufacturers can capture market share by satisfying the growing unmet consumer need for reduced calorie products with a sweet taste from natural origin. By choosing Truvia® stevia leaf extract from Cargill, you will find solutions to your biggest product launch and reformulation challenges:  formulation and sensory expertise, consumer and industry insights, a reliable supply chain and trusted partner; and a diverse portfolio of nutritive and non-nutritive sweeteners that can be used to create the best tasting products.

Consumer Insights and study example

Capture market share and address unmet consumer needs

Around the world, more consumers are reaching for lower-calorie foods with a sweet taste from natural origin.

This growing segment of consumers represents 24% of primary grocery shoppers in Europe.* It’s a group we call the “Naturally Splendids.” They crave great taste, but also seek for natural sourced lower-calorie foods and beverages to help manage the sugar and calories in their diet.

Cargill’s proprietary tools help our customers understand consumer attitudes and behaviors around sweetness better so that they can make the right choices to meet their consumers’ need around sweetness. With a diverse portfolio of nutritive and non-nutritive sweeteners, and a successful global tabletop brand, Truvia® sweetener, we understand consumers and sweetness.

Reduced calorie products with a sweet taste from natural origin are among the fastest growing products in the global marketplace.  We can show you why brands with great tasting solutions using Truvia® stevia leaf extract will capture major market and mind share.

Consumer study example

By partnering with Cargill, you are provided with proprietary insights about consumer trends and buying behaviours specific to individual ingredients.

An example of our proprietary insights came from the Truvia® stevia leaf extract team setting out to gather statistical evidence that would answer the following question: “Is mom willing to give products made with Truvia® stevia leaf extract to her children?”

The Truvia® team commissioned an independent study of over 2,400 moms in the U.S. who are the primary grocery shoppers for their family.  Moms age 18-54 with kids age 1-18 in the household were surveyed.  The research found that 54% of the moms in the sample were already aware of the Truvia® brand before participating in the study.

The research confirmed, overwhelmingly, moms are buying current products made with the Truvia® brand for the whole family, including the kids.

Findings were similar and consistent across categories.  Will Moms buy products made with Truvia® stevia leaf extract? Yes! …and will they give them to their kids?  Yes!

*Source: Cargill Proprietary Sweetener Segmentation


Formulation expertise and prototypes

Create the taste your customers will love

Great taste is the number one driver of consumer purchases, but achieving great taste is difficult. Formulation is about more than flavor and sweetness – it’s about the interplay of all the ingredients in a formula. Because of Cargill’s diverse ingredient portfolio, our Truvia® technical application experts have in-depth knowledge of stevia leaf extract and how it works with a wide range of ingredients. With over 75,000 hours focused on refining stevia-based formulations, our experts know steviol glycoside. This breadth of expertise helps our customers create the products their consumers will love.

Formulation prototypes





Trusted partner

Experience the commitment of a trusted global supplier

With 147 years of experience in food ingredients, you can trust Cargill to deliver the range of high quality stevia ingredients that your brand deserves, produced responsibly and sustainably. The Truvia® enterprise uniquely manages its stevia supply chain from field to table and established the first global agricultural standard for stevia.

Truvia® stevia leaf extract high analytical standards

Cargill’s leading work in adopting and championing the most rigorous analytical standards along with the integrity and reliability of Cargill's supply chain team means that you can trust us to always deliver high quality, consistent product.

Cargill complies with industry monographs to determine quality standards for:

Steviol Glycosides

  •  JECFA* (Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives) 
  •  E 960 (E Number assigned to steviol glycosides in European Commission)
  •  FCC (draft) (Food Chemicals Codex)

Rebaudioside A

  • FCC (applies only to RA95)

In order to give our customers a consistent product, we:

  • Continuously improve analytical methods to ensure the most accurate data is available
  • Developed a protocol for properly characterizing analytical standards to reduce variability in the analytical methods.  These standards are independently measured by 4 labs using 2 methods to ensure the correct data can be used regardless of the testing equipment
  • Are the technical lead for the International Stevia Council proficiency testing studies

A proven and reliable supply chain

The supply chains which bring Truvia® stevia leaf extract from field to table are managed with integrity and transparency.

Wherever we operate and whatever we do, the Truvia® enterprise treats all people and business partners with dignity and respect. All of our manufacturing facilities are part of SEDEX, the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange. By joining SEDEX, information is shared on all business practices through both self-assessments and third-party audits.

From field to table, Cargill has built the Truvia® stevia leaf extract supply chain in a sustainable and responsible manner. We apply our knowledge and experience to help meet the complex economic, environmental and social challenges wherever we do business. Cargill is the type of partner you can depend on, be proud of, and above all, trust to uphold your brand standards.

Cargill’s financial strength and long-term view to the businesses it enters, translates into stability for our supply chain partners and our Truvia® stevia leaf extract customers.

From field to table, we have built a responsible and sustainable supply chain for Truvia® stevia leaf extract that will help keep your brand trusted.

A sustainable source of sweetness

Bringing zero-calorie sweetness from a natural source to the world was a journey that spanned years. It began by finding a natural, sustainable source of sweetness in the stevia plant.

The plant is grown in Asia and South America due to its need for long hours of daylight, water and warm temperatures. After harvest, leaves are dried and soaked in water, much like brewing tea. This unlocks the best tasting part of the leaf which is then purified to provide a calorie-free sweet taste.

Our agronomy program is part of a long-term strategy to develop a sustainable global market for Truvia® stevia leaf extract. Cargill is establishing a plant-breeding program where stevia will be studied to select for particular plant traits. As the market develops and the agronomy is better understood, productivity per plant, per farm, per acre or per hectare will improve.

As Truvia® stevia leaf extract is two hundred times sweeter than sugar, smaller amounts of the product are required in food and beverages compared to other sweeteners. Improvements to the productivity of the plant by increasing the sweetness per square foot on the farm reduce stevia's space requirements as well. Overall, this means that the "footprint" for Truvia® stevia leaf extract will remain sustainable over the long-term development of the market.

Corporate Responsibility
2012 Corporate Responsibility Report (PDF)

Environmental Sustainability
Fact Sheet
Taking Care of our Environment

Sweetener Portfolio

Truvia® stevia leaf extract:
part of a diverse sweetener portfolio

Your new product formulations or reformulations will directly benefit from Cargill’s unique lens on global consumer attitudes and its extensive sweetener product portfolio. We understand steviol glycosides, and we also have experience across the entire sweetness spectrum. That helps you make the right decision about how to use sweeteners in your products.

Cargill supplies a broad spectrum of sweeteners to meet different customer and consumer needs, including caloric sweeteners made from sugar cane, sugar beets, corn and wheat, and non-caloric sweeteners including polyols and Truvia® stevia leaf extract.

Because sweeteners vary in taste, cost, and functional attributes, we partner with our customers to identify the best ingredient formulation for each of their products. As a flexible, collaborative development partner, our applications team is here to share the knowledge you need, right when you need it. As leaders in their respective food and beverage categories they will bring you the ideas and tricks that get you to a consumer-preferred, cost competitive, industry leading food or beverage.

Nutritive Sweeteners

Cargill offers a variety of sweeteners including:

  • Glucose & Fructose Syrups
  • Dextrose

Polyol Sweeteners

Cargill’s polyols have become essential ingredients in a wide range of food applications, due to their functional,  sensorial and nutritional properties. They include isomalt, erythritol, maltitol, mannitol and sorbitol.

  • Polyol Sweeteners

Specialty Sweeteners

Our specialty sweeteners can replace the function of sucrose in foods and beverages.  These include dextrose and of course stevia leaf extract.



Truvia® table top is consolidating its preference among consumers in Europe, especially in key markets such as UK, Spain, Italy and France.  That’s because nobody knows more about consumers’ attitudes and behaviours around sweetness like Cargill.*

The Truvia® brand speaks to consumers’ need for natural origin, zero calorie sweetness. Through co-branding, we can help you target consumer segments and maximize your in-market success.

Cargill’s investment in building marketplace preference for Truvia® stevia leaf extract results in built-in awareness for products carrying the Truvia® logo.  Your products will have the ingredients consumers recognize and want.

* Source: Nielsen. Truvia® tabletop is available in France, UK, Spain and Italy.


Food safety is our number one priority.

Cargill’s standard means holding every supply partner to rigorous production and food safety standards. Using strict analytical methods, we carefully monitor quality to ensure we deliver the high quality and consistent product your brand demands. Working with Cargill guarantees you quality and consistency.

Before making Truvia® stevia leaf extract available, Cargill commissioned a rigorous set of scientific studies that established the safety of Truvia® stevia leaf extract. The results confirmed the positive findings of earlier studies and addressed unresolved questions. The results have been published in Food and Chemical Toxicology, a peer-reviewed scientific journal. A panel of independent experts reviewed a dossier of all available toxicity and safety information relevant to Truvia® stevia leaf extract, and concluded that Truvia® stevia leaf extract is safe for use as a general purpose sweetener. Truvia® stevia leaf extract is safe for people with diabetes. It has no effect on the glycemic index.

Available products

Cargill manages the quality of Truvia® stevia leaf extract to make it consistent across multiple food systems and usage. This ability to control and predict the profile of the sweetener makes it possible to sweeten foods and beverages and offer a consistent, pleasing taste.

Available products

ViaTech™ stevia-based sweeteners are high performance ingredients that help food and beverage manufacturers achieve optimal taste and sweetness at higher usage levels. With ViaTech™ ingredients, achieving sugar reduction of 50% or more in challenging applications, like carbonated soft drinks, with great taste is now possible. With a sensible cost-in-use and supply, creating reduced and zero-calorie stevia-based sweetened products consumers will love has never been easier.

Precision sweetness

Cargill’s new ViaTech™ portfolio of ingredients has a true sweet taste and a clean finish. At last, precision sweetness for low-to-zero calorie products.