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Elevating baking indulgence

Introducing Cargill’s baking oils & fats solutions 

Indulgence remains one of the essential reasons for purchasing bakery products. However, consumers want the best of both worlds, and expect tasty products with a healthier profile. Oils and fats are key components to achieving desired textures in baked goods and contribute to the overall indulgence. That’s where Cargill comes in as your partner to elevate baking indulgence!

Your partner for baking excellence 

Elevating texture through the right ingredients is key to meeting consumer expectations. That’s why bakers are increasingly looking to differentiate the look and feel of their product via the dough and batter.

We understand that it’s not easy to engineer the right texture and select the right fat blend. Getting there requires deep ingredient expertise.

Finding the best solution is even more challenging, when you consider that each application, product and process differs from each other, and that each consumer has diverse expectations. 

By offering our broad baking fats portfolio along with world-class formulation expertise, global presence and baking capabilities, we help you meet the most challenging application goals that satisfy consumers: 

  • Complete sensorial experience 
  • Solutions for various nutritional profiles 
  • Processability, shelf-life and ease of handling 
  • Cost-in-use efficiencies 
  • Certified sustainable solutions 

Our portfolio of baking oils & fats

Baking indulgence portfolio


Your elevation & innovation partner

Cargill’s wealth of baking fats solutions, years of bakery experience and supply chain capabilities make us your bakery expert partner. We have the customizable solutions you need to succeed. 

Baking indulgence pillars

In short, Cargill is your partner for elevating baking indulgence. Beyond oils & fats, we have an unparalleled portfolio of bakery ingredients in terms of cocoa & chocolate, starches, sweeteners, texturizers, proteins, fibers, functional systems and decorations & inclusions.  We know how all these bakery ingredients interact and work together to deliver the best bakery sensation. We understand your challenges, needs and opportunities, so you can focus on what you do best: creating moments of indulgence! 

Our portfolio

As your go-to partner for bakery innovation, Cargill delivers fully integrated solutions and an unparalleled portfolio of single and multi-ingredient blends.


So whether you’re looking for baking fats for cakes, biscuits or any other applications, reach out to our bakery experts today and let us help you identify the best solution to address your business challenges!

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