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Endless chocolate options to enhance your products along with a greater understanding of consumer trends

Discover the potential to delight consumers through the use of chocolate, in confectionery, baked goods, biscuits, ice creams and cereals. You can get all the support you need from Cargill as you find just the right chocolate to your range of products. We offer a wealth of chocolate experience and a broad variety of products to choose from.

A broad range

  • Chocolate in a variety of dark, milk and white options for industrial and artisan applications
  • Specialty chocolates, including premium chocolate, chocolate that is better for the consumer and sustainable as well as ethical chocolate
  • Decorations and inclusions

Create your taste identity or fulfill your individual market needs

Working closely with you on-site or at our application centers around the world, you can tailor the taste, texture and mouthfeel of any product to satisfy your specific market requirements. Create something unique for you.

Deep chocolate expertize

We have the capabilities to create the perfect product for you and to support your unique position in the marketplace. Meanwhile, our in-house Maître Chocolatier can help you create the perfect sensorial experience, and our research and development team can help you scope out the latest consumer trends.

Broad food knowledge

The depth and breadth of Cargill - in food ingredients in particular - helps you innovate and grow your business. Our direct experience in other sectors and access to a large ingredient portfolio means that can we find solutions to complicated requests, and deliver innovations for all kinds of chocolate applications. Enjoy better insights from across our food businesses, through access to our Innovation Centers.

Robust and fair supply chain

By working with us, you will also benefit from our robust and fair integrated supply chain, our unique price risk services and our commitment to sustainability – from bean to bite.

Create value for your business and consumers

Understanding consumers’ expectations and market trends means that we can support you in choosing a chocolate that will enhance your end product. We can help you choose the right claim to attract consumers or optimize your recipe for value engineering.

Find chocolate solutions you can trust off-the-shelf

Get quick and easy access to our bestselling chocolates with the off-the-shelf service, providing you with everything from buttons, drops and chunks to specialty colours and flavours. Our range includes a variety of high quality shapes and decorations that can be delivered in small quantities, starting at one pallet per product.

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