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Cocoa Liquor

Cocoa Liquor

Confectionery, bakery, ice cream, desserts and more all benefit from Cargill’s unique and diverse cocoa liquor offering

Our high-quality certified and single origin liquors can help you appeal to the growing trend of chocolate connoisseurs, as well as to everyday customers who want a reliable, tasty chocolate experience. We have made a significant investment in our specialty cocoa liquor capabilities to help you capture the rising demand in the market. And our global network of production facilities means efficient timely delivery and lower transport costs.

Origin cocoa liquor

For an authentic, unique origin taste, Cargill offers you its Origin cocoa liquor, with organic certification available as well. Distinct tastes and aromas, from origin countries such as Ghana, Venezuela and Ecuador can truly set your products apart.

Signature cocoa liquor

Customized taste is the prime benefit of our Signature cocoa liquor, with improved processing characteristics helping you deliver to the growing consumer market.

Classic cocoa liquor

Our Classic cocoa liquor is perfectly suited for all-around applications, complemented by Cargill’s long-standing reputation for providing consistent high quality cocoa liquor.

Managing price volatility

The price of cocoa butter is closely linked to the market price for cocoa beans, which is often very volatile. We help customers to manage this volatility through our Price Risk Services

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