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Cocoa Butter - Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate

Cargill's Cocoa Butter

Finding the perfect cocoa butter is about identifying the right taste, color, texture, and snap for your product. That’s where our portfolio and expertise come in! 

Making delicious chocolate is not possible without cocoa butter – its unique melting properties are key to achieving the creamy chocolate and indulgent mouthfeel that your consumers love. In many ways, cocoa butter is therefore the foundation of your product’s success. That’s why Cargill Cocoa Engineers are there to help you choose the right cocoa butter, for your next truly indulgent winning product launch.

Our global butter portfolio

So how do you know which cocoa butter to choose? To inspire you we’ve created five different example products, ranging from traditional to premium products. So, whether you are looking for a light or a strong cocoa flavor, a yellowish or a striking white color, we can match cocoa butter to any application.

Cocoa Butter - Sunshine  


Our traditional deodorized cocoa butter product. A well-respected all-rounder that has been polished through years of experience. This cocoa butter can be used for the manufacturing of all chocolate types.


A deodorized cocoa butter, but slightly lighter in color compared to Sunshine, with a more neutral taste. This premium cocoa butter is particularly suitable for customers who desire more attention to color and flavor in their milk- or white chocolate.

  Cocoa Butter - Brilliant  
Cocoa Butter - Pearl  


This refined white cocoa butter specialty product has a neutral taste, lighter color, and a low free fatty acid (FFA) content. This product is highly recommended for customers with white- and/or colored chocolate applications.

Bright White

This is our most innovative and whitest cocoa butter available. Here, we’ve succeeded in achieving a striking white color and the lowest FFA percentage on the market. Bright White is best used for high-premium white and colored chocolate applications. 

  Cocoa Butter - Bright White  
Cocoa Butter - Taste+  

Taste +

This is our non-deodorized or partially deodorized cocoa butter product. The taste profiles range from a light to a strong cocoa flavor, to meet the needs of our broad range of customers. Taste + is strongly recommended for chocolate recipes that require some extra body or taste sensation.


Where does our cocoa butter come from?

One of Cargill’s key strengths is its global cocoa bean sourcing network. Our cocoa butter portfolio is produced in factories in The Netherlands, France, Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Brazil, and Indonesia.

Extensive cocoa butter expertise

Resourceful, insightful, and forward-thinking, Cargill’s Cocoa Engineers are here to meet all your needs. This group of multidisciplinary, passionate experts has years of experience in finding the best cocoa butter solutions. Whether you have sensory or functional questions, our Cocoa Engineers are on-hand to give you all the answers you need to win.

Working closely with you on-site or at our application centers around the world, we will help you tailor texture, taste, color, processability, consistency and compliance, as well as any other specifications required to satisfy your needs. Let us help you create something truly unique on the market!

Cocoa Butter - Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate  

Beyond cocoa butter

Our support goes far beyond just delivering the right cocoa butter specifications. Cargill helps you choose the right product claims (sustainable, origin, etc.) or certifications to attract consumers. Learn more about Cargill's extensive sustainability efforts.  

We are your partner for success!


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