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Cocoa Butter

Cocoa Butter

Choosing the right mix of cocoa butter for your products 

Your cocoa butter is at the core of what you do – we can help you make the best products with a range of butter varieties.

Pure prime pressed cocoa butter – the classic base

Your chocolate needs a consistent, smooth and creamy texture. Our pure prime pressed cocoa butter is the classic base to help you get there. It’s also fully deodorized – meaning it will not affect the color and flavor of your cocoa liquor. This means you simply get the best possible texture for your chocolate.

Enhancing flavor with specialty butters

Create unique flavors of your chocolate using a selection of cocoa butters with varying levels of deodorization – each enhancing the flavor of chocolate in different ways. Our full-flavor cocoa butter adds extra flavor and intensifies the overall taste experience, while the more deodorized butters provide subtle enhancement to help differentiate your products.

Cocoa butter for the ultimate white chocolate

Offer your customers the ultimate white chocolate experience, with our special blend of white cocoa butter.

Butter from single origin for premium products

Make the most of the consumer trend for new taste experiences and premium products. With a diverse range of bean origin and plant locations, you can use our single origin butters or customized recipes, which each bring a different, distinctive flavor profile to your chocolate products.

Certified sustainable cocoa butters

By purchasing cocoa butter that is certified by independent sustainability organizations such as Fairtrade, UTZ Certified and Rainforest Alliance, you can help create positive impacts for farmers and their communities. This in turn helps improve the sustainability of cocoa supplies and satisfies your customers’ growing demand for sustainable chocolate products.

Reliable delivery, wherever you are

You can keep transport costs to a minimum and receive timely, reliable shipments of cocoa butter, due to our global network of production facilities.

Managing price volatility

The price of cocoa butter is closely linked to the market price for cocoa beans, which is often very volatile. We help customers to manage this volatility through our Price Risk Services

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