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Cargill Milk Chocolate

We know Milk Chocolate

Finding your perfect recipe is our passion

Our Milk Chocolate Engineers have used decades of technical expertise to create thousands of milk chocolate recipes for all possible applications and desired taste profiles.

They understand that the right balance of ingredients is key and will work tirelessly with you to develop the ideal recipe to meet your needs.

Understanding your needs is key to finding the ideal milk chocolate for your product.

How our Milk Chocolate Engineers develop your milk chocolate recipe will always start with your requirements. Is it a product with smooth mouthfeel and vanilla notes that you’re after? Perhaps sustainability is top of your list? Maybe you’d like to develop gluten free alternatives? The possibilities and our recipes are endless.


Is there something you want to claim?

Consumers are looking for provenance, proven sustainability, integrity and organic credentials. If you’ve got it, claim it.

Looking for a specific taste profile?

Do you want well-rounded and creamy or multi-dimensional and complex? We’ll help create the perfect recipe.

Need to cater to a specific dietary requirement?

People are embracing health, intolerance and sustainability concerns. We’ll help you identify and fulfil emerging demands.

How will you use your milk chocolate?

Milk chocolate for melting, decorating and including. Perfect for buttons, blocks, desserts, pastries and ice creams.

Milk Chocolate - Where to start