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Sugar Reduction Solutions

72% of consumers are trying to limit or avoid sugar.* Partner with Cargill to satisfy their appetite for great-tasting products with less sugar – and maximum delight.

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Sugar reduction resource center

With one of the industry's most comprehensive ingredient portfolios, plus skilled R&D experts focused on formulating with less sugar, we can help you meet your goals for sugar content and sensory experience.

Solving for sugar reduction in supplements

Solving for sugar reduction in supplements

With the majority of supplement users seeking to maintain their health – and gummies a popular delivery method – high sugar content can be a disconnect. Cargill has a full sugar-reduction toolkit.

Food Technology Transformation | Sugar Reduction - Bulk Supplier in North America

Food Technology Transformation

With details about food’s processing, sourcing and sustainability at consumers’ fingertips, opportunity is ripe for brands that push the technological envelope.

Sugar Reduction Portfolio | Solution Provider for Sugar Reduction

Sugar Reduction Portfolio

Explore Cargill's full lineup of sweeteners, texturizers and complementary ingredients, which enable reduced-sugar products that won't compromise on taste or performance.

Sustainable Sweetness | Cargill Food & Beverage

Sustainable Sweetness

Proprietary research shows that sustainability claims are carrying ever-more weight in purchase decisions. Learn how Cargill's multifaceted approach to sustainable sweeteners can help you win with consumers.

Exploring the Science of Sweet

Exploring the Science of Sweet

Get a glimpse into the complex and nuanced science of sweetness: sugar's many roles in a formula, consumer sensory perceptions and strategic approaches to building back these properties when reducing sugar.

Application-specific expertise 

From bulking to browning, mouthfeel to freezing-point depression, sugar performs a range of functions beyond sweetness. Cargill technical experts have the skills and resources to build back these capabilities with less sugar. 


Reducing Sugar and Salt

Reducing Sugar & Salt

When it comes to sugar and salt, snack makers are taking to heart "everything in moderation."


Zero-Sugar Beverage Trends Infographic

Big demand for zero-calorie beverages

From soft drinks to seltzers, health-minded consumers are increasingly reaching for refreshment without added sugars. Learn what's driving its double-digit growth.

Chocolate Beverages with Sugar Reduction | Solution Provider for Sugar Reduction

Reduced-Sugar Chocolate Beverages

It's possible to create surprisingly indulgent chocolate beverages with significantly less sugar. Cargill's expertise and ingredients can help you create delicious chocolaty drinks your consumers will love. 

Consumer Trend Report - Alcoholic Beverages

Understanding the "Sober Curious" Consumer

Consumers across all age groups are dialing back their alcohol intake. Learn what’s behind the “sober curious” movement – and how to tap into it.

Read about unlocking stevia sweetness

Unlocking Optimal Stevia Sweetness

Cargill uses fermentation to create zero-calorie sweetener.

Sweet Spot

Sweet Spot

Stevia-containing beverages hit the sweet spot.

Label-friendly stevia sweeteners for use in beverage formulations

Label-friendly stevia sweeteners offer advantages in beverage formulations

Reducing sugar is at the heart of new product development and brand reformulations across the beverage industry. Cargill continues to be at the forefront of innovation to address this groundswell of demand for label-friendly solutions.


Chocolate's Sweet Spot Article | Food & Beverage Solutions

Finding Chocolate's Sweet Spot

There has long been room for improvement in the reduced-sugar chocolate space. Learn how Cargill's most-advanced sweetener system closes the gap with a creamier, more indulgent chocolate experience and fewer off-notes.

 Sugar Reduction in Confectionery

Sugar Reduction in Confectionery

It takes a new mindset among brands and formulators to experiment in this quickly evolving category.


Sugar Reduction in the Dairy Case

Sugar Reduction in the Dairy Case

Consumer attitudes toward sugar have changed dramatically over the past decade.

Rich Texture in Reduced Sugar Frozen Desserts

Rich Texture in Frozen Desserts

Textural attributes are key for decadent, reduced sugar frozen desserts.

Ice Cream Trends

The Scoop on Ice Cream Trends

The quest to cut sugar in the freezer aisle and more consumer trends.

Cut the Sugar

Cut the Sugar - Not the Satisfaction

Reduced-sugar frozen dairy treats that keep consumers coming back for more.


Shoppers Demand Reduced Sugar Snacks

Shoppers Demand Reduced Sugar Snacks

Products with reduced-sugar claims are driving growth in the snack industry.

QA Label-friendly Sugar Reduction

QA: Raising the Bar on Label-friendly Sugar Reduction

Cargill food scientist Chad Rieschl, a 20-veteran of the snack bar industry, offers a few insights into formulating for the label-conscious consumer. 

Sugar reduction solutions 

Whether you're hoping for a modest reduction in added sugars, or want to go all the way to zero, Cargill offers a full sugar reduction toolkit. 

EverSweet® + ClearFlo™

Our single-ingredient, stevia sweetener and natural flavor fully utilizes stevia sweeteners' sugar reduction potential without bitterness or licorice notes.

[North America]/[]

EverSweet® Stevia Sweetener

Next-generation stevia sweetener delivers the same sweetness is found in the stevia leaf, while producing it more sustainably via fermentation.

[North America]/[]

Truvia® Stevia Leaf Extract

A versatile, natural, zero-calorie sweetener with a clean, sweet, sugar-like taste – and consistent quality from lot to lot.

[North America]/[]

ViaTech® Stevia Leaf Extract

Our proprietary taste-prediction model can optimize steviol glycosides – the best-tasting parts of the leaf – for sugar reductions of 50%+.

[North America]/[]

Zerose® Erythritol Sweetener

A natural*, zero-calorie bulk sweetener that looks and tastes like sugar, complements high-intensity sweeteners and supports oral health.

[North America]/[]

Supporting ingredients

Partnering with Cargill affords you a holistic approach to sugar reduction: finding the optimal sweetness solution, plus leveraging complementary ingredients to enhance mouthfeel, viscosity and provide desired functionality in your finished product.

Starches & Derivatives

Cargill's robust starch portfolio includes options from a range of botanical sources to meet your needs for texture, function and budget.


Pectin, carrageenan and xanthan gum can enhance texture and viscosity, prevent separation and stabilize flavors.

Polyol Sweeteners

These sugar alcohols can provide complementary sweetness, add body and bulk solids, mask off-flavors and manage moisture. 

Soluble Corn Fiber

A label-friendly bulking agent with half the calories of sugar, no impact to taste/texture and the nutritional benefits of dietary fiber. 

Cargill innovation in sugar reduction

Agricultural Stevia Program Sustainability Recognized

Cargill's agricultural stevia program became the first in the industry to be benchmarked at Silver level by SAI Platform Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA) 3.0. Learn about our journey.

Evidence for erythritol oral health benefits

In foods and beverages, erythritol can be a valuable tool for reducing sugar and calories.

Established research has also shown that it offers several mechanisms for improving oral care.

FDA defines "sugar reduction" as a reduction of 25% or greater. 
* International Food Information Council (IFIC) Food & Health Survey, 2023. 

Some Cargill products are only approved for use in certain geographies, end uses, and/or at certain usage levels. It is the customer's responsibility to determine, for a particular geography, that (i) the Cargill product, its use and usage levels, (ii) the customer's product and its use, and (iii) any claims made about the customer's product, all comply with applicable laws and regulations.