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Sugar Reduction Solutions

77% of consumers now try to limit or avoid sugar*.  Formulators looking to develop great-tasting products with less sugar and satisfying mouthfeel turn to Cargill’s broad sweetness and texturizing ingredient portfolio.   

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Sugar reduction resource center

Cargill is here to help our customers meet consumer demand for reduced-sugar products by offering a portfolio of sugar reduction ingredient solutions.


Reducing Sugar and Salt

Reducing Sugar & Salt

When it comes to sugar and salt, snack makers are taking to heart "everything in moderation."



Chocolate Beverages with Sugar Reduction | Solution Provider for Sugar Reduction

Reduced-Sugar Chocolate Beverages

It's possible to create surprisingly indulgent chocolate beverages with significantly less sugar. Cargill's expertise and ingredients can help you create delicious chocolaty drinks your consumers will love. 

Consumer Trend Report - Alcoholic Beverages

Understanding the "Sober Curious" Consumer

Consumers across all age groups are dialing back their alcohol intake. Learn what’s behind the “sober curious” movement – and how to tap into it.

Read about unlocking stevia sweetness

Unlocking Optimal Stevia Sweetness

Cargill uses fermentation to create zero-calorie sweetener.

Sweet Spot

Sweet Spot

Stevia-containing beverages hit the sweet spot.

Label-friendly stevia sweeteners for use in beverage formulations

Label-friendly stevia sweeteners offer advantages in beverage formulations

Reducing sugar is at the heart of new product development and brand reformulations across the beverage industry. Cargill continues to be at the forefront of innovation to address this groundswell of demand for label-friendly solutions.





Chocolate's Sweet Spot Article | Food & Beverage Solutions

Finding Chocolate's Sweet Spot

There has long been room for improvement in the reduced-sugar chocolate space. Learn how Cargill's most-advanced sweetener system closes the gap with a creamier, more indulgent chocolate experience and fewer off-notes.

 Sugar Reduction in Confectionery

Sugar Reduction in Confectionery

It takes a new mindset among brands and formulators to experiment in this quickly evolving category.







Sugar Reduction in the Dairy Case

Sugar Reduction in the Dairy Case

Consumer attitudes toward sugar have changed dramatically over the past decade.

Rich Texture in Reduced Sugar Frozen Desserts

Rich Texture in Frozen Desserts

Textural attributes are key for decadent, reduced sugar frozen desserts.

Ice Cream Trends

The Scoop on Ice Cream Trends

The quest to cut sugar in the freezer aisle and more consumer trends.

Cut the Sugar

Cut the Sugar - Not the Satisfaction

Reduced-sugar frozen dairy treats that keep consumers coming back for more.





Shoppers Demand Reduced Sugar Snacks

Shoppers Demand Reduced Sugar Snacks

Products with reduced-sugar claims are driving growth in the snack industry.

QA Label-friendly Sugar Reduction

QA: Raising the Bar on Label-friendly Sugar Reduction

Cargill food scientist Chad Rieschl, a 20-veteran of the snack bar industry, offers a few insights into formulating for the label-conscious consumer. 


Sugar Reduction

Food Technology Transformation | Sugar Reduction - Bulk Supplier in North America

Food Technology Transformation

With details about food’s processing, sourcing and sustainability at consumers’ fingertips, opportunity is ripe for brands that push the technological envelope.

Subtleties in Sugar Reduction | Solution Provider for Sugar Reduction

Subtleties in Sugar Reduction

Post-pandemic resolutions and emerging research are heightening concerns about sugars in the diet. Discover the latest solutions for sweet taste and a label-friendly seal of approval.

Sustainable Sweetness | Cargill Food & Beverage

Sustainable Sweetness

Proprietary research shows that sustainability claims are carrying ever-more weight in purchase decisions. Learn how Cargill's multifaceted approach to sustainable sweeteners can help you win with consumers.

The world of sweetness - bulk food and beverage ingredients supplier

The Evolving World of Sweetness

As consumers strive to eat products with less sugar, their attitudes about sweetness are as complex as ever. Learn more about low- and no-sugar strategies and products that can support those goals.

The gold standard for sustainable & ethical stevia

Visit our Virtual Stevia Harvest

Label-friendly stevia has become one of today’s most popular sweeteners. But have you ever wondered how this sweet little leaf makes its way to your food or beverage line?

Solving for sweetness - bulk food and beverage ingredients supplier

Solving For Sweetness

These days, everybody has an opinion about sugar… but how those perceptions affect product choice is hard to pin down. We explore the motives behind sugar reduction and offer a multi-pronged approach to succeeding in the space.  

Read about unlocking stevia sweetness

Unlocking Optimal Stevia Sweetness

Cargill uses fermentation to create zero-calorie sweetener.

Sugar reduction - complete solutions

Sugar Reduction: Complete Solutions. Sweet Results

Cargill can help you successfully meet growing demand and stay ahead of labeling requirements.

Sugar Reduction Infographic

Sugar Reduction Infographic

Ingredient solutions to reach your sugar reduction targets.

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Science of Sweetness

Science of Sweetness

Getting the taste right to meet consumer expectations.

Debunking Myths about Alternative Sweeteners

Debunking Myths about Alternative Sweeteners

Alternative sweeteners have many misconceptions.  We debunk the top myths about alternative sweeteners.

formulating low sugar products

Formulating low sugar products

Cargill has a strong portfolio of sugar reduction solutions and strong insights into their functionality and versatility. 


EverSweet® + ClearFlo™

Finally, there's a solution for fully utilizing stevia sweeteners' sugar reduction potential without bitterness or licorice notes: EverSweet® + ClearFlo™ – a stevia sweetener and natural flavor in a single ingredient.

[North America]/[]

EverSweet® Stevia Sweetener

Cargill’s EverSweet® next-generation stevia sweetener has great taste with up to 100% sugar replacement.  It has the same sweetness that is found in the stevia leaf, to delight your taste buds with calorie-free joy.

[North America]/[]

Truvia® Stevia Leaf Extract

Truvia® stevia leaf extract is a versatile, natural, zero-calorie sweetening ingredient.  If you are looking to reduce sugar and calories in your food or beverage product, consider Truvia® stevia leaf extract.

[North America]/[]

ViaTech® Stevia Leaf Extract

Leveraging the best tasting steviol glycosides from the leaf, in optimal combinations. ViaTech® delivers 50% or higher sugar reduction.

[North America]/[]

Zerose® Erythritol Sweetener

Zerose® erythritol is a natural*, zero-calorie bulk sweetener that looks and tastes like sugar, making it ideal for food and beverage applications promoting sugar reduction and weight management.

[North America]/[]

Complementary Ingredients


Pectin is an ingredient and a natural component of plants that is especially abundant in apples and citrus fruits. 

[North America]/[]

Maltodextrin and Corn Syrup Solids

Our maltodextrin provides good solubility, bland flavor and low sweetness, essentially no hygroscopicity, reduced browning and carbohydrate source as well as cost optimization.

[North America]/[]

Maltidex® Maltitol

Maltidex Maltitol is a high-quality sugar alternative


MaizeWise® Whole Grain Corn Products

MaizeWise® whole grain corn products, such as corn flour, can directly replace existing ingredients, or blend with them, while helping deliver 100% whole grain nutrition.  Product varieties include corn flour, corn meal and masa flour.

[North America]/[]

Soluble Corn Fiber

Packed with dietary fiber, soluble corn fiber can enhance nutrient profiles and support sugar reduction goals in products ranging from beverages to bakery – without impacting taste or appearance. 

Zero-ing in on Sugar Reduction

ZeroseĀ® Erythritol: Zero-ing in on Sugar Reduction | Food Ingredient Solutions | Cargill

Zerose® erythritol is an increasingly popular choice for reducing sugar in foods and beverages. It also lends the label-friendly appeal of sustainable sourcing and naturally occurring sweetness. Our report offers insight into consumer perceptions around sweeteners, the impact of label claims and how to select the right sweetener for your application. 


Sweet Solutions: Stevia Breakthrough Aims to Upend No-Sugar-Added Soda Fountain Formulation

Sweet Solutions | No Sugar Added Fountain Drink Ingredients | Ingredients Supplier

Product developers have long searched for zero-calorie alternatives to sugar and artificial sweeteners at the soda fountain. EverSweet® + ClearFlo™ offers a breakthrough.


Sweetness You Can Believe In

EverSweet Stevia Sweetener | Bulk Ingredient Supplier | Cargill

Discover how familiar ingredients and a time-tested process come together to create reduced-sugar sweetness with real appeal and sustainable credentials.


Cargill Stevia Program Receives FSA Silver Benchmark

Cargill Stevia Program Receives FSA Silver Benchmark

Cargill's agricultural stevia program has been benchmarked at Silver level by SAI Platform Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA) 3.0, becoming the first stevia producer in the industry to evaluate our entire grower network and achieve this distinction.


FDA defines reduction as 25% or greater.

1 World Health Organization. Guideline: Sugars Intake for Adults and Children; World Health Organization: Geneva, Switzerland, 2015; pp. 1–49. Hess, J.; Latulippe, M.E.; Ayoob, K.; Slavin, J. The confusing world of dietary sugars: Definitions, intakes, food sources and international dietary recommendations. Food Funct. 2012, 3, 477–486.
2 International Food Information Council (IFIC) 2016 Food & Health Survey.

* International Food Information Council (IFIC) 2018 Food & Health Survey


Some Cargill products are only approved for use in certain geographies, end uses, and/or at certain usage levels. It is the customer's responsibility to determine, for a particular geography, that (i) the Cargill product, its use and usage levels, (ii) the customer's product and its use, and (iii) any claims made about the customer's product, all comply with applicable laws and regulations.