Maximum production and profitability

With Cargill, you can leverage our nutrition expertise and business tools to help raise fresh, wholesome meat, milk and eggs.

Nutrition expertise for high yields

Cargill has research facilities around the world, where leading animal scientists study animal nutrition, metabolism and performance. Our focus is on nutrients rather than ingredients. By understanding the nutrient needs of animals, we can formulate diets that help maximize profits while supporting your animals’ ability to thrive and stay healthy.

Whether you purchase compound feed or make your own, Cargill has nutrition solutions that will help boost your bottom line. Along with raw ingredients, premixes and concentrates, our proven technologies can successfully analyze your animals’ diets, identify and address any nutrient gaps, and project animal performance.

Business strength through diverse channels

Along with unique, proprietary nutrition solutions, Cargill can help you get your meat, milk and eggs onto consumers’ tables. Talk to your Cargill consultant about how to put our diverse business channels to work for you.

Safety and integrity

Our work goes beyond animal nutrition and feed ingredients. It also encompasses feed safety, quality assurance of ingredients, product integrity and food safety, and the production of safe, reliable feed through standardized processes. We are committed to excellence at every step of the feed manufacturing and food production process.

Learn more about our offerings in each species segment: