The MAX® System

Diets formulated to your operation

 The MAX® system is a virtual model of your animal feed operation with diet forumulations that  adjust to intake and environment. Cargill’s MAX® system leverages our innovations in animal nutrition and business practices. By connecting the physical form of the feed ingredients, feed processing systems, nutrient profiles and animal performance through the MAX® system, you get a more accurate and consistent diet for your stock.

The MAX® system works by building a virtual model of your operation, putting animal requirements and nutrient supply in context. With Cargill’s MAX® system, you get a diet formulation specially tailored to your operation that continually adjusts and adapts to factors such as intake and environment. Among the key benefits of the MAX® system:

  • Links to analysis results, ingredient information and the latest research
  • Projected ingredient use
  • Tracking of feed inventories
  • Custom reports summarizing feed economics by diet or operation
  • Prediction of animal performance
  • Cost-effective nutrient sources for maximum results

Real-time analysis is key

Key to the success of the MAX® system is the Optimum Value Supplier Database™ system, a proprietary database that captures the nutrient content of feed ingredients and records real-time changes in their composition. With this system we can source the best cost feed ingredients without sacrificing nutritional value, because we know the changes of the nutrient profiles over time, the variation between suppliers, and consistency of nutrient supplies from individual suppliers.