Bringing our global expertise to your operation

When you choose Cargill, you choose a partner with global expertise in business and animal nutrition and the passion and innovation to help you succeed. Our management tools and systems can help build your success by increasing production efficiencies and managing market volatility.

You can leverage our disciplined, scientific approach to animal nutrition to source the ingredients, premixes and additives that provide the right nutrients for healthy, productive animals and wholesome meat, milk and eggs.

Increase efficiencies

Our proprietary feed formulation tools and mill management systems are proven to help increase production efficiencies. We work with manufacturers all over the world and bring those global discoveries to your business.

Manage market volatility

Our feed formulation tools are based on nutrients rather than ingredients. By focusing on nutrients and using our extensive resources to find sources of those nutrients, we can give you flexibility in your feed inputs to achieve the optimum nutrition animals require while controlling costs. With Cargill as your partner, you can better manage market volatility and better project your profits.

Animal nutrition expertise

Cargill has over 100 years of experience in animal nutrition research. In our laboratories around the world, leading animal scientists study animal nutrition, metabolism and performance. Through our thorough understanding of nutrients and how animals use them, we can provide critical knowledge to help your customers’ animals thrive and stay healthy.

The global stretch of our research facilities gives you access to some of the best information available about nutrition and animal performance. Our scientists and technicians focus on nutrients rather than ingredients. This focus brings the latest nutrition science and research to your operation. It also gives you flexibility in creating diet formulas, helping to manage market volatility of ingredients.

The right diet at the right time for your production goals

Our formulation and management tools are proven to help keep animals healthy and productive while producing fresh, wholesome meat, milk and eggs, and maximizing profitability:

  • The MAX® System, a virtual model of your operation to help you reach maximum profitability
  • REVEAL® system, a precise nutrient measurement tool to help you respond to market volatility in feed ingredients
  • AutoCalc® system, proprietary nutrient analysis for accurate feed formulas
  • FIND® reference tool, a comprehensive, searchable reference for ingredient quality control, feed manufacturing and feeding guidelines