FAQs About the Cargill Animal Feed Recall

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What products were included in this recall?

Some NatureWise and Showmaster feed for poultry, show calves and livestock sold in Louisiana and southwest Mississippi. Also,some Dumor and Producer’s Pride feed manufactured by Cargill and sold at 43 Tractor Supply Company stores in southern Arkansas, Louisiana, southern Mississippi and eastern Texas. Only feed for certain animals is included in the recall, not all the feed sold under those brand names. Click the links for the list of products, with photos, lot numbers and manufacture dates.

What caused the recall?

Corn with higher-than-acceptable levels of a naturally occurring substance called aflatoxin was delivered to our plant in Lecompte, La., and may have been used in the feed. Aflatoxin is a result of mold. We wish to stress this feed recall was not the result of any reports of animals getting sick. 

Why did Cargill not catch the elevated aflatoxin levels?

We test corn before it goes into our feed products. Aflatoxin levels above the acceptable limit were discovered during routine testing by the Louisiana Department of Agriculture. After the state’s test results were disclosed to us, we conducted an investigation and discovered a problem with one of the materials we use for our own testing.

What is Cargill doing to remedy the problem?

We have made sure our test is working properly and no longer underestimating aflatoxin levels. We have validated our testing program and are cooperating with the FDA and the Louisiana Department of Agriculture to investigate the aflatoxin in the corn. The NatureWise, Showmaster and other feed affected by the recall has already been pulled from store shelves.

Is this recall related to the dog food recall Cargill announced Dec. 6, 2011?

The feed affected by this recall was made in the same plant as the dog food recalled earlier this month.

What should I do if my animal has consumed a recalled product?

While we are aware of no illnesses associated with our feed, call your veterinarian if your animal exhibits the symptoms on our web page about aflatoxin.

What should I do if I have some of the recalled feed?

You can exchange it at the place you bought it or return it for a full refund.