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Pregelatinizing gives native and stabilized starches the ability to form a cold-water paste. They develop viscosity without the need for heat, which means there is no need to pre-cook the starch. Pregelatinized starches retain most of the functional properties and viscosity of the original base material.

Our roll dried and spray-cooked starch solutions

Food starches are essentially insoluble in cold water. Our instant (modified) starches -produced either by roll-drying or by spray-cooking, are soluble in cold water. What’s more, they provide excellent (instant) viscosity and great heat, freeze-thaw and acid stability. Thanks to their water-binding properties, they can help stabilize and increase shelf life.

Brand name Features Applications
  • Wide range of native and modified, spray-cooked cold water swelling starches, based on waxy maize and tapioca
  • Premium starches bringing superior processing and enhanced consumer appeal
  • Available in both fine or agglomerated particle sizes
  • Require a lower-level dosage, create fewer lumps and bring a glossier appearance (closer to the appearance expected from cook-up starches) than starches processed by roll-drying

All instant and hot-instant preparations, including sauces, desserts, fillings, nutritional supplements and nutraceuticals.

  • Roll-dried modified starches (E1412)
  • Designed to provide instant viscosity and good stability
  • Provides thick and pulpy texture and appeal

Sauces, pizza toppings, ketchup, fruit and vegetable pulp and purées, tomato paste. 

  • Roll-dried modified starches
  • Provide texture and baking resistance to instant bakery fillings

Instant bakery fillings (neutral or acid)

  • Roll-dried modified starches (E1442)
  • Suitable for foods processed under severe shear, temperature or acid media conditions
  • Provide superior freeze-thaw stability.
Instant food powders, instant sauces, instant desserts, instant pie fillings, extruded snacks, spices and seasonings
  • Roll-dried modified starches (E1412 and E1414) based on waxy maize
  • Suitable for mild to medium processing conditions
  • Wide range of roll-dried modified starches (E1422) based on waxy maize
  • Suitable for a wide range of recipes and processing conditions (from mild to severe)
  • Cost effective
  • Wide range of roll-dried native starches based on maize and waxy maize

  • Can simply be labeled as ‘starch’; no E-number required

  • Provide instant viscosity without cooking



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