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Cargill Modified Starches - a dish of pasta with tomato sauce

Modified Starches

Creating appetizing texture and high performance.

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Modified starches are derived from different botanical sources such as maize, waxy maize, tapioca and help providing various functionalities, from thickening to gelling, bulking and emulsifying.

Modified Starches in action!

Our applications teams are constantly testing modified starch potential by creating delicious, on-trend prototypes.

Cost-efficient modified starches

The need for a reliable supply of cost efficient and high performing food ingredients has never been greater amid today’s geopolitical turbulence and inflationary pressure on food prices. 

Waxy corn is a specialist grown crop used by the starch industry. Waxy corn based starches used to deliver additional texture stability in processed foods, and forms the basis of many commonly used modified and label-friendly starches. However, waxy corn supply has been under pressure recently, due to recent poor European harvests.

Fortunately, by leveraging our global scale and expertise, Cargill has been able to develop several solutions to bridge today’s supply challenges and meet the growing demand for cost efficient solutions at the same time. That’s why we’re proud to present our range of cook up modified starches based on regular corn: 

  • C*PolarTex® 057 Range: Ready meals, soups, sauces, dressings, dairy desserts, fruit preparation for dairy.
  • C*Tex® 052 Range: Ready meals, soups, sauces, dressings, processed cheese, dairy desserts, yoghurt.

These solutions have been designed to offer cost effective formulation for hot processes (dairy and culinary), and can be used as a backup solution to waxy modified corn starch in case of shortages. They are mostly compatible in the same processes where waxy modified starch is used, and are stable in retort processes.  

These products offer several advantages when compared to tapioca- and potato-based modified starches:  

  • They enable products to be made with no label change versus modified corn starch.
  • They offer new sensory characteristics, such as improved shininess and creaminess.  
  • They are based on a European grown crop, with a short supply chain.

At Cargill we’re confident that our modified starches can help you navigate current waxy corn shortfalls. Regardless of crop performance, we believe that these products may be a long term reformulation solution that can offer cost savings, and potential texture benefits across your dairy and culinary portfolio.

Reach out to your Cargill account manager today and learn more about how our cost-efficient modified starches can go to work for you!


Features / Benefits

  • Helps bringing body and mouthfeel in hot prepared sauces, dips and dressings
  • Great cold storage stability for ready meals
  • Starches for pulpy, creamy or indulgent textures
  • Starches with great clarity for transparent sauces and dressings

We recommend:

C*PolarTex®, C*Tex®, C*EmTex®, C*CreamTex®, C*PulpTex®, C*Tex® Instant, C*PolarTex® Instant, C*HiForm®, C*BatterCrisp®

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Dairy & Plant-based alternatives to dairy

Features / Benefits

  • Helps providing viscosity and texture for a range of process conditions

  • Helps enhancing creaminess and gelling, increasing shininess and reducing stickiness

  • Enables fat and casein replacement

We recommend:

C*PolarTex®, C*PolarTex® Instant, C*CreamTex®, C*Stretch®, C*EmTex®, C*Tex®, C*DeliTex®, C*Tex® Instant, C*HiForm®, C*EmCap®, C*PulpTex®

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Features / Benefits

  • Provides wide range of gelled textures

  • Starches enable molding and coatings

  • Both clear and opaque

  • Enables tailored solutions / application for vegetarian or vegan

  • Helps reducing drying time

We recommend:

C*Set®, C*ClearSet®, C*AraSet®, C*HiForm®

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Beverages & Specialized nutrition

Features / Benefits

  • Texture enhancement through pulpiness or creaminess

  • Enables cold storage stability for emulsions

We recommend:

EmulTru, C*PolarTex®, C*CreamTex®, C*EmCap®, C*HiForm®

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Bakery and Fillings

Features / Benefits

  • Batter stabilisation

  • Enables shelf life extension

  • Naturally Gluten free

  • Fillings with a range of textures

  • Offers both hot and cold preparation (cook up and instant)

We recommend:

C*EmTex®, C*Tex® Instant, C*PolarTex®, C*PolarTex® Instant, C*Tex®, C*PulpTex®, C*Mix, C*CreamTex®

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Meat & Plant-based alternatives to meat

Features / Benefits

  • Enables crisp and crunchy batters

  • Helps improved yields

  • Helps shape retention

We recommend:

C*PolarTex®, C*PolarTex® Instant, C*Tex®, C*EmTex®, C*Tex® Instant

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Some Cargill products are only approved for use in certain geographies, end uses, and/or at certain usage levels. It is the customer's responsibility to determine, for a particular geography, that (i) the Cargill product, its use and usage levels, (ii) the customer's product and its use, and (iii) any claims made about the customer's product, all comply with applicable laws and regulations.