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Modified starch solutions for culinary

Modified starches solutions for culinary 

Application Starch Type Features / Benefits

Ready meals, soups, dips & sauces

SimPureĀ® solutions for culinary applications soups



  • Bringing body, transparancy and gloss to sauces ideal for eg Asian style sauces. The highest level of stability in acidic and high shear conditions. Smooth and short texture.
  • Bringing viscosity and body to sauces. Good process tolerence compared to native starches where the  absence of synersis with C*Tex prolongs shelf life.
C*Tex® 052 
  • Cost effective thickening for mild processing conditions. 


  • Emulsifying starches ideal for plant based sauces, or reducing egg content. Does not require allergen labeling.
  • Starch providing enhanced creamy mouthfeel for dairy based sauces and dips.
  • Designed to bring an authentic pulpy texture to dips and sauces with improved cling.
C*Tex® Instant
  • Cold acting starches, preventing synerisis over shelf life.
C*PolarTex® Instant
  • Cold acting starches, with a glossy finish, ideal for cold prepared sauces.
C*PolarTex® 057
  • Cost effective thickening for a range of processing conditions with long shelf life.
  • Cold acting starches, provide a smooth, full bodied, glossy texture.


Modified starch solutions for culinary dressings



  • For the highest level of clarity in dressings, and performance in manufacturing process chose our highest stabilised grades.
C*PolarTex® 057
  • Cost effective thickening with an appealing texture and extended shelf life.


  • Emulsifying starches  ideal for plant based dresssings. Great emulsion stability over shelf-life, can extend stability in combination with egg.

  • Cold acting starches, provide a smooth, full bodied, glossy texture in mayonnaise style dressings. 

Batters and Coatings

Modified starch solutions for culinary batters and coatings



  • Helps with adhesion to meat, fish or alternative compared to native corn starch.

C*PolarTex® Instant

  • Instant viscosity control without cooking, and then retains stability throughout cooking processes.


Disclaimer: Reference to your own analysis is required for labeling / claims