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Chocolate Confectionery

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Cargill’s Food Solutions is all about empowering you, our chocolate confectionery customers with comprehensive solutions and expertise for your next success story.

Our great team of chocolate category experts is guided by consumer insights. In this way, we can take our broad portfolio further, in order to co-create growth with you. With a portfolio that incorporates everything from cocoa & chocolate, to fats & oils, sweeteners, texturizers, fibers, and blended solutions, you can count on us as your trusted supplier of single ingredients and your partner for multi-ingredient blends.  

Indulgence is ultimately at the heart of everything we do and the starting point for innovation. Whether it is about developing on-trend multi-sensorial chocolate experiences, plant-based or sustainable chocolates, healthier snacking options, or efficient filling recipes for optimized processability.

Chocolate confectionery  

We’re your go-to partner for innovation and growth in chocolate confectionery, by delivering:

  • A multisensory experience
  • Decorations and inclusions
  • Irresistible texture fillings
  • Optimal sweetness
  • Enrichment
  • Improved shelf-life
  • Sustainability

Texture shapes the delight that chocolate confectionery brings 

After taste, texture is the second most important product characteristic for consumers, especially among Gen Z and millennials. Discover our new texture delight sample box and let’s co-create chocolate confectionery sensory experiences, based on deep consumer insights.

Texture Delight webinar

How to create texture delight in every bite.


Texture delight in every bite

Let's co-create chocolate confectionery sensory experiences.



Our portfolio

Cargill’s Food Solutions comprehensive portfolio of chocolate confectionery offers infinite texture possibilities with single and multi-ingredient blends.