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Label-Friendly Ingredient Solutions

Consumers increasingly seek food and beverage products with “clean labels” – whether they are purchasing products at the grocery store, gas station or dining in restaurants.  Cargill has label-friendly ingredient solutions.  Check out our Starches, Sweeteners and Texturizing options.

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Label-Friendly Resource Center

Cargill is here to help our customers meet consumer demand by offering a growing portfolio of label-friendly ingredient solutions.

Clean Label



Getting Sweet on Fiber | Bulk Soluble Corn Fiber Ingredient Supplier | Cargill

Getting Sweet on Fiber

Label-friendly soluble corn fiber is a formulation-friendly solution for improving a product's nutritional profile – plus, it can help reduce sugar and calories.

 New Sensory and Flavor Experiences | Bulk Ingredient Supplier | Cargill

Hungry for Adventure

The idea of exploring new worlds through taste is nothing new… but the trend gained a definite foothold during lockdown. Learn how to harness the excitement.

The New Flexitarians | Bulk Ingredient Supplier | Cargill

The New Flexitarians

As consumers learn more about diet and health, they’re realizing that eating habits can be highly personal – and a little flexibility is a good thing. 

Vital Wheat Gluten - Bulk Supplier in North America

A Bakers Hero - Vital Wheat Gluten

Vital wheat gluten brings unparalleled function to bread products – plus offers an affordable source of plant-based protein.

Crafting Great Product Stories | Ingredient Solutions Supplier | Cargill

Crafting Great Product Stories

In the food and beverage world, creating stories that engage people is a great strategy for attracting attention and building trust in brands. But the stories must be based on more than just creative writing… these days, they need to come from a place of authenticity.

The Evolving World of "Clean Label"

The Evolving World of "Clean Label"

“Clean” has undoubtedly become a new baseline for product development… but exactly what that means to consumers is growing more complex. Learn what matters most.

Plant-based Innovations for Food and Beverage

Plant Palooza - Tracking Trends in Plant-based Segment

As consumers embrace plant-based products, it has become a solid trend in mainstream food culture, Learn more about these fast-paced trends and how you can partner with Cargill for palette-pleasing plant-based innovation.

Winning Combinations | Learn about the trend in exotic and innovative food & beverage formulations

Winning Combinations

A crash course in the brave new world of product mashups. Learn about consumers growing desire for new and exotic food and beverage experiences. 

UniPectin Brochure

A-Peeling Pectin

A-peeling pectin finds growing market for reduced-sugar, label-friendly formulation. This time-tested ingredient is sparking new innovations, as formulators rediscover its aptitude for thickening, gelling and protein stabilization.

Make it Sensational - Experiential Eating | Cargill Food and Beverage Ingredients Supplier

Make it Sense-ational

Multisensory and experiential consumption are emerging as top trends for breakthrough food and beverage innovation.

Eating What They Want | Cargill Food and Beverage Ingredients Supplier

Omnichannel eating trends

Forced to re-shape shopping and dining habits, post-pandemic consumers are used to eating what and when they want.

Understanding the Drivers of Personalized Nutrition | Cargill Food and Beverage Ingredients Supplier

Understanding personalized nutrition

Personalization is a mega-trend; explore its impact on the food and beverage market, plus trends to watch.

Understanding Guilt-Free Indulgence | Cargill Food Ingredients Supplier

Understanding Guilt-free Indulgence

Learn how to help consumers successfully balance their desire for indulgent treats with health-minded goals.

Nostalgic foods - ingredients bulk supplier

Nostalgic Foods

Tapping into the tastes and memories and of childhood is a strategy for delighting experience-seeking consumers.

Fermented foods - bulk food ingredients supplier

The Growing Popularity of Fermented Foods

Harnessing a centuries-old technique, fermented foods are now a high-growth category with a decidedly hip, contemporary image. Learn how fermentation works to create desirable health benefits. 

Transparency tactics - food ingredients bulk supplier

Transparency tactics: an unfolding strategy

With rising concerns for products' impact on health and the environment, it's essential for brands to develop a transparency strategy. Here are several tactics.

Understanding generational  influences on eating and health

Attitudes of Aging

Understanding generational influences on eating and health.  Learn about trends that are especially relevant when it comes to attitudes about health and the foods and beverages we buy.

bars and snacks ingredient supplier - bar innovation and development

Breaking the boundaries in new bar development

Bars are now for everyone, but it is important to note that their expansion is tied to the rise of snacking culture – as consumers look for convenient, nutritious foods that can double as an on-the-go meal. Learn more in our report.

The continued importance  of recognizable ingredients

The Familiarity Factor

In this era of eating for health and wellness, consumers have a growing desire to know more about the ingredients in the foods and beverages they consume. This report gives insight into what consumer perceive as natural and/or familiar.

Upping the Bar on Sustainability | Cargill | Sustainability Solutions

Upping the Bar on Sustainability

Learn how sustainability has grown in importance to consumers. They now view the purchase of products and services that align with their goals as a reliable way to align their money with their sustainability values. 

The world according to Gen Z

The World According To Gen Z

As the next demographic – Generation Z – begins to reach adulthood, there appears to be some similarities in their attitudes… especially in regards to product transparency, authenticity and social responsibility.

Seniors taking an active role in aging

Seniors taking an active role in aging

Could eating right be the key to a better-quality, longer life? It certainly doesn’t seem to hurt. And, increasing evidence suggests it may indeed make a difference. 

Go with the gut: Strategies and Trends in Digestive Health

Go With The Gut - Strategies and Trends

Interest in products with digestive health benefits is prompting big opportunities in food and beverage formulation.

Plant-based builk ingredients

The Growing Appeal of Plant Based Everything

The concept of plant-based eating has gained a luster that has rarely been equaled in the food and beverage industry. Learn more about this growing appeal.

Personalized Nutrition Download

The Promise of Personalized Nutrition

When it comes to diet, nutrition and health, it is possible that there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

Keto Infographic Download

Eating Fat to Get Thin - Keto Infographic

Low carb diets are not a new concept. But the ketogenic (or keto) diet has been gaining a lot of momentum lately.

Why Consumers are Craving More Comfort Foods - Read our report

Why Consumers are Craving More Comfort Foods

Although it is true that consumers have a growing preference for nutritious and healthy food choices, at the same time, they are more likely than ever to be loading up on carbs, fats – and in turn – calories.

Consumer interest in gut health

Consumer interest in gut health

Many consumers are hoping to boost their digestive health. Based on emerging science linking gut health to mood, energy and immune function, interest in this nutritional powerhouse is expected to remain strong.
Sports drinks take aim at female consumers

Sports drinks take aim at female consumers

Once the sole purview of bodybuilders and hard-core, predominately male athletes, sports nutrition products have muscled their way into the mainstream.

Indulgence with a dose of function

Indulgence with a dose of function

As consumers strive to reduce sugar and calories in their diets, it might seem logical that bakery products would be seeing a significant drop in consumption. But in actuality, the bakery category is going strong.

Higher expectations for plant-based products

Higher expectations for plant-based products

Today's consumers have high expectations for plant-based products. This report has a focus on purchase drivers over time.

Gut reaction - interest in digestive health

Gut reaction - interest in digestive health

When it comes to consumer health interests, the topic of the year is certainly gut health – and with good reason.

Meatless is on the Menu

Meatless is on the Menu

Plant-based proteins are gaining awareness and acceptance.

Diet Trends

Diet Trends Circa 2020

Understanding consumers and weight loss.

Unlocking Optimal Stevia Sweetness

Unlocking Optimal Stevia Sweetness

Cargill uses fermentation to create zero-calorie sweetness.

Pass the Plants Please - Plant Protein Solutions

Pass the plants please

More consumers are choosing plant-based protein.

Tapping into the active nutrition consumer

Tapping into the active nutrition consumer

Today everyone, from your neighbor to your grandmother, is looking for a more efficient way to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Whole Grain Goodness

Touting the goodness of whole grains

Growing research on the benefits of whole grains is helping to move the needle.

Planned Approach to Friendlier Labels

Planned Approach to Friendlier Labels

A planned approach can simplify product developments.

Free From Foods - Clean Label

Free From Foods - Why they're here to stay

The concept of “free-from” foods has had one of the most astounding – and in some ways perplexing – rises in food product trends. 

Eye on the label - label friendly ingredients

Clean Label Trends and Label-Friendly Texturizing Solutions

Today’s consumers are looking at food labels more closely than ever before, especially the youngest shoppers.

SimPure starches and sauces

Simple Starches Fulfill Big Roles

 Making starches the unsung heroes of most great sauces.

Functional Gummy Boom

Functional Gummy Boom Reflects Consumer Health Goals

New sweetener option addresses label, sugar content concern.

Consumers Choosing Fiber

Consumers choosing fiber to fill multiple nutritional needs

Fiber is primed to become the next nutritional powerhouse. Learn more about the perceived healthfulness in foods in our article here.

Millenial Movers and Shakers

Millenial movers and shakers - Changing the way we eat

Every generation tends to make its mark on culture and society. But the millennials will be the largest group in U.S. history, which is likely to inspire change on a whole new level.

Personalized Nutrition

Personalized Nutrition

Advances in technology have fueled an increasing degree of personalized life experiences.  Next up: the food we eat.

The new face of fermented foods

The new face of fermented foods

Fermenting foods – that age-old process of preserving foods that produced such nose-holding childhood avoidances as sauerkraut – is back with a vengeance.

Tapioca - The story behind the ingredient

Tapioca - The story behind the ingredient

Tapioca’s minor culinary role in the West is poised to change as its viability grows as an alternative to corn for sweeteners and thickeners.

Masters Series - One Pager Summary

Masters Food Series

A short video series highlighting some of today's formulation challenges and trends.

Dairy Texturizing Systems

Dairy Texturizing Systems

Tailored, label-friendly solutions for enhanced  performance and appeal.

Plant-based Lecithin

Plant-based Lecithin

Lecithin, the new go-to ingredient for smooth, stable product formulations. 






Bakery Boom

Bakery Boom

While bakery products may be the ultimate comfort food, these strategies for improving baked goods' nutritional profile present exciting opportunities for innovation.

plant-based bakery - bulk food ingredients supplier

Plant-based Bakery Reboot

Consumers are discovering that baked goods can experience a healthy reset without compromising taste or texture.

Reducing Sugar and Salt

Reducing Sugar & Salt

When it comes to sugar and salt, snack makers are taking to heart "everything in moderation."

plant-based eating

Growth in Plant-based Eating

Cargill’s plant-based proteins can help you meet consumer demand. 

The Power of Plant Based Protein

Plant Based Protein

Supplementing protein in the diet is now priority-one for many mainstream consumers.

Better-for-you Bakery

Better-for-you Bakery

Protein-packed, gluten-free and label-friendly  items on the rise.

Corn Shines in Bakery Spotlight

Corn Shines in Bakery Spotlight

Dry corn ingredients bring versatility, flavor and nutritional benefits to a wide range of baked goods.

The Next Generation of Gluten-Free Bakery Solutions

The Next Generation of Gluten-Free Bakery Solutions

Label-friendly solutions to make products with more consumer-friendly textures and flavors.

Cookies - A Delicate Balance Between Taste and Health

Cookies - A Delicate Balance Between Taste and Health

The door is increasingly open for innovation in the bakery and cookie category.

Label-friendly Bakery

Label-friendly Bakery

Cargill ingredients can help your bakery product earn a consumer-pleasing cleaner label.




Beverage Basics & Beyond

Beverage Basics & Beyond

The demand for new and better beverages transcends all beverage types, with growing consumer interest in functional beverages across the spectrum. Read our article to learn more about what consumers desire from their beverages.

Hitting the Bullseye in Beverage Formulations | Cargill Food and Beverage Ingredients Supplier

Hitting the bullseye in beverage formulation

Tap into the trends driving today's beverage culture and come away with solutions to help you rise to the top. 

Learn what is next when it comes to functional beverages

What's Next in Functional Beverages

As consumers take more of an active approach to their diets, they have rising expectations for beverages.

Better Beverages

Better Beverages

When it comes to the RTD space, “function” is now the operative word.

Beverage Trends Infographic

5 Trends Tranforming Beverages

Wider trends from the food industry have drastically changed our drinking habits.

Powdered Beverages

Powdered Beverages

Powdered beverages combine flavor, function in an affordable package.

Alcohol Flavor Trends

Alcohol Flavor Trends

Discover how the market for alcoholic drinks is undergoing a massive transformation in form, function and flavor.

Conscious Cocktails

Conscious Cocktails

The global alcoholic beverages market shows no signs of slowing down – though it’s taken some surprising turns lately.


Pectin the new label-friendly catalyst

This label-friendly, plant-based ingredient provides a lot of functionality in today’s popular beverages.

Trends and Ingredients

Trends and Ingredients Redefining the Beverage Aisle

5 Trends impacting today's beverage aisles.

Brave New World of Beverages

New World Of Beverages

The changing attitudes of consumers have prompted a vibrant market for new, innovative beverages.

Pea Protein Positioned to Power Beverage Sales

Pea Protein Positioned to Power Beverage Sales

Protein beverages are no longer exclusive to the sports nutrition market. Today, consumers from all walks of life are jumping on the protein bandwagon.

Striving for More - Functional Beverages

Striving for More

Consumers often look to beverages to provide more than just refreshment. Stay ahead of consumer trends by formulating functional beverages using label-friendly ingredients.

Cleaning Up the Beverage Aisle

Cleaning Up the Beverage Aisle

"Clean label" is the buzzword of the moment in the food and beverage industry.

Sweet Spot

Sweet Spot

Stevia-containing beverages hit the sweet spot.

Consumers Flocking to RTD Coffees and Teas

Consumers Flocking to RTD Coffee and Tea

These beverages cater to those modern consumers who are often looking for healthier on the-go drinks.



Cutting-edge Confectionery Ingredients | Bulk Ingredients Supplier | Cargill

Create Cutting-Edge Confectionery

Over the past couple of years, consumers turned to indulgence for a boost…then realized that too much isn't a good thing. Confectioners now have the opportunity to remake sweets in a healthier image. 

Finding balance between quality, health and indulgence

Confectionery Conundrum

As with most other food and beverage categories, healthier, better-for-you options are also pervading confectionery. There has been a definitive shift toward new or reformulated confections that offer guilt-free indulgence.

Dr Johns

This sugar alternative is worth celebrating

Erythritol: ideal for food and beverage applications that promote sugar reduction.

 Sugar Reduction in Confectionery

Sugar Reduction in Confectionery

It takes a new mindset among brands and formulators to experiment in this quickly evolving category.

Functional Gummy Boom

Functional gummy boom

No longer relegated to health food stores, dietary supplements have gone decidedly mainstream. It’s a reflection of broader trends, implicit in today’s label-conscious consumer mindset.

Sweet Serendipity

Sweet Serendipity

INFOGRAPHIC: Non-chocolate confectionery is on trend.

Chocolate - non-confectionery

A Connection with Candy

Trends in the evolving and vibrant non-chocolate confectionery market.

Pectin & Confectionery Challenges

Our Pectin Experts Help with Confectionery Challenges

Technical advancements in pectin – as well as consumer’s interest in label-friendly and reduced-sugar products – have encouraged more manufacturers to include this fruit-derived thickener and gelling agent in product formulations.


Convenience Foods

Modernizing Mealtime

Modernizing Mealtime

Indications are that some of the pandemic's impact on consumer eating habits represent more wide-scale, permanent changes. See what that means for product development.

The Next Generation of Convenience Foods | Cargill Food Ingredients Supplier

No-compromise Convenience

Food culture shifts have prompted a revolution in the industry over the past decade, with convenience foods at the forefront. 

Consumers are turning to convenient frozen food

Consumers are turning to convenient frozen food

80% of shoppers like having frozen food at home for when they’re “out of time or need something quick”

SimPure 994 Modified Starch

These Label-friendly Starches Can Take the Heat

For years, modified starches were staples of the texturizing world.  But today, simpler labels and familiar ingredients reign supreme.

SimPure Functional Native Starch Convenience Foods Application

Simple Starches Solve Complex Challenges

For today’s label-conscious consumer, simple recipes and recognizable ingredients are no longer enough. Increasingly, consumers want to know how those ingredients were produced. It’s a movement that has sparked a return to familiar ingredients, including basic starches.

Upgrading Convenience Products

Upgrading Convenience Products with Functional Label-friendly Starches

Thanks to innovations in native starches, it’s easier for formulators to deliver upgraded convenience products that meet the needs of today’s more discerning consumers.

Meat Analogs

Meat Analogs

Next-gen solutions for meat analogues  and convenience applications.

Label-Friendly Convenience Infographic

Label-Friendly Convenience

Partner with Cargill for a full portfolio of ingredients and formulation expertise to meet your goals for label-friendly convenience foods.

Thinking Outside of the Box on Label-Friendly Snacks

Native Starches - Thinking Outside the Box

Native starches are typically made from corn, cassava, potato, rice and tapioca, have not been modified, but merely stripped down to the starch component.  A good label-friendly replacement.

Making Frozen as consumer pleasing as fresh food

Frozen as pleasing as fresh food

Hard-working, label-friendly ingredients help formulators
deliver the next generation of frozen foods.


Simple Ingredients. Pure Functionality.™

The new SimPure™ portfolio of functional native starches offers food and beverage manufacturers a label-friendly solution, together with greater process tolerance, shelf life and storage stability.

SimPure Q&A

SimPure Q&A

Michelle Kozora leads Cargill’s team of food science professionals focused on starches. With more than 20 years of experience, she’s helped hundreds of companies achieve their product formulation goals.



Dairy Innovation Infographic

Redefining Dairy Innovation

Humans may have been consuming dairy since the Neolithic age,1 but modern-day dairy is evolving at a dizzying pace. Dairy — and its plant-based alternatives — is a key focus of innovation at Cargill.

A frothy future - dairy alternatives - 2021

What's Next in Dairy Alternatives

This category is here to stay, but how much it will grow and where it’s headed next are the questions.

novelty nutrition in the frozen dessert aisle

Novelty, Nutrition in the Frozen Dessert Aisle

When it comes to frozen desserts, increasingly consumers expect more than a great-tasting, indulgent treat. 

Plant-based yogurts

Plant-Based Yogurts Catching Consumer Eyes

Consumer attitudes toward yogurts are changing again. Plant-based yogurts are the new market disrupter, as the rising star of the dairy case.

Flavored Milk Infographic

Flavored Milk Infographic

As parents and schools have learned, kids are more likely to drink their milk when it’s flavored. That’s sparked some debate about balancing nutritional value and added sugars.

Yogurt Infographic

Yogurt Infographic

The U.S. yogurt category has been evolving in recent years, due to a convergence of trends and changing consumer behavior.

Formulators Roundtable

Balancing Sugar Reduction, Taste & Function

Cargill dairy experts discuss approaches to sugar reduction without sacrificing taste or functional attributes.

High Protein Dairy Trends

High Protein Dairy Trends

Consumers are seeking protein like never before, perceiving protein as the macronutrient most beneficial for top health issues.

dairy alternatives

The Growing Appeal of Dairy Alternatives

Leverage our specialty sweetness and texture ingredient portfolio to bring consumer-pleasing dairy alternatives to market. 

Sugar Reduction in the Dairy Case

Sugar Reduction in the Dairy Case

Consumer attitudes toward sugar have changed dramatically over the past decade.

Dairy Texturizing Systems

Dairy Texturizing Systems

Tailored, label-friendly solutions for enhanced  performance and appeal.

Rich Texture in Reduced Sugar Frozen Desserts

Rich Texture in Frozen Desserts

Textural attributes are key for decadent, reduced sugar frozen desserts.

New Era in Dairy Products

A New Era in Dairy Products

Meeting the high bar for health in “clean label” dairy.

Ice Cream Trends

The Scoop on Ice Cream Trends

The quest to cut sugar in the freezer aisle and more consumer trends.

Texture Innovation

New Places for Dairy at the Table

Texture innovation smooths the way for today’s dairy.

Health Conscious Consumers

What's Next for Yogurt

Health-conscious consumers drive demand for yogurt innovations.

Pectin Advancements

The Versatility of Pectin

Pectin advancements spur new consumer-friendly product innovations.

Cut the Sugar

Cut the Sugar - Not the Satisfaction

Reduced-sugar frozen dairy treats that keep consumers coming back for more.

Label Friendly Sweetness and Texture Innovation in Dairy

Sweetness & Texture Innovation

Nutrient-rich dairy products are fueling health-minded consumers’ appetites for convenient nourishment – but in new ways.

Cargill's custom texturizing solutions.

Custom Texturizing Solutions Brochure

Customized formulation solutions for food and beverage manufacturers.

Cargill's custom texturizing solutions.

Custom Texturizing Systems for Dairy

See how our experts can formulate a custom, label-friendly texturizing system for you.


Meat Alternatives



Plant-based Revolution | What's Next

Plant-based Revolution

What's next? Learn how consumers are embracing the idea of plant-based eating in a big way.

Plant-based Protein for Food and Beverage

Plant-Based Proteins and the Convenience Factor

Plant-based meat alternatives are emerging as the new star of the alternative category, and as these products reach parity in taste, texture and price, they are also gaining steam in one of America’s favorite food categories – convenience.

Understanding the rise of alternative meat

Understanding the Rise of Alternative Meat

Alternative meat has been around for a long time, but in recent years, it has seen an extraordinary rise in popularity. Some insight is provided here.

Meat Alternatives

Meat Alternatives [Infographic]

Plant-based proteins are gaining awareness and acceptance, propelled by interest in healthy eating, sustainability and animal welfare.

Beefing up meat alterative space

Fertile Ground for Innovation in Plant Protein

Demand for meat alternatives is booming, as U.S. consumers modify their protein preferences to include a healthy dose of plants.





How Tortilla Chips Transformed American Snackers

How Tortilla Chips Transformed American Snackers

Tortilla chips are a national snacking staple. And why not? The crunchy, corn-based treat dials into many of the biggest trends in the snack landscape as well as sensory appeal. Learn more about this delightful snack in our report.

Trends in healthy eating - bulk food ingredients supplier

Trends in Healthy Snacking

As snacking has become a mega-trend, the category itself has been transformed. Learn how to cater to current consumer expectations.

bars and snacks ingredient supplier - bar innovation and development

Breaking the boundaries in new bar development

Bars are now for everyone, but it is important to note that their expansion is tied to the rise of snacking culture – as consumers look for convenient, nutritious foods that can double as an on-the-go meal. Learn more in our report.

Frequent Snacking Puts Focus on Sugar Content

Frequent Snacking Puts Focus on Sugar Content

A snack is no longer considered an occasional treat – it’s become part of consumers’ daily diets.

Small Bites - Big Expectations

Small Bites. Big Expectations.

Sit-down meals have declined and snacking has picked up pace.

Snacking Matters

Snack Consumption

Snacks are considered one of the most promising categories in the consumer goods space.

Reducing Sugar and Salt

Reducing Sugar & Salt

When it comes to sugar and salt, snack makers are taking to heart "everything in moderation."

Bar Essentials

Bars Essentials

The evolution of a portable snack.

Corn Ingredients Clean Up Snack Food Aisle

Cleaning Up the Snack Food Aisle

Cargill’s ingredient experts continue to find new ways to get more out of the corn kernel.

Snacking is Big Business

Snacking is Big Business

Cargill can supply you with the label-friendly ingredients you need to satisfy consumer demand for nutrient-packed snacks.

Label-Friendly Ingredients in Action - Snack Bars

Label-Friendly Ingredients in Action - Snack Bars

Experts predict continued growth in this category for several years. 

Time Tested Ingredients

Time Tested Ingredients

Extruded snacks offer manufacturers distinct opportunities to capitalize on today's hottest trends.

QA Label-friendly Sugar Reduction

QA: Raising the Bar on Label-friendly Sugar Reduction

Cargill food scientist Chad Rieschl, a 20-veteran of the snack bar industry, offers a few insights into formulating for the label-conscious consumer. 


Sports Nutrition


Sports drinks take aim at female consumers

Sports drinks take aim at female consumers

Once the sole purview of bodybuilders and hard-core, predominately male athletes, sports nutrition products have muscled their way into the mainstream.

Tapping into the active nutrition consumer

Tapping into the active nutrition consumer

Today everyone, from your neighbor to your grandmother, is looking for a more efficient way to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Sports Nutrition Products Take on a New Level

Sport Nutrition Products

Taking to new levels. Products must now be designed, positioned and marketed with pinpoint accuracy.

Sports Nutrition Infographic

Sports Nutrition

An infographic about the evolution of Sports Nutrition.

Sports Nutrition is Going Mainstream

Sports Nutrition is Going Mainstream

The sports nutrition category is booming. Consumers worldwide are turning to foods and beverages which support their healthy lifestyles and tout improved energy, endurance or alertness.






Sustainable Developments | Cargill Food & Beverage

Sustainable Developments

As people become more sophisticated in their understanding of environmental and public health issues, they increasingly expect brands to align with their values.

Setting the Standard for Sustainable Stevia Production

Learn how Cargill is setting the standards for a sustainable stevia supply chain through multi-level programs that assure full traceability from the field to formulation.

Sustainable Sweetness | Cargill Food & Beverage

Sustainable Sweetness

Proprietary research shows that sustainability claims are carrying ever-more weight in purchase decisions. Learn how Cargill's multifaceted approach to sustainable sweeteners can help you win with consumers.

Sustainability Q&A Download

Sustainability Q&A

We talked with Ryan Siroli, Cargill's row crop sustainability manager, to better understand how the company is advancing sustainable agricultural practices.

Communicating the Concepts of Label-Friendly and Sustainability

Communicating the Concepts of Label-Friendly and Sustainability

Products that contain label-friendly ingredients and that are produced sustainably have taken a stunning leap in consumer awareness in the last couple of years.

Understanding the sustainable consumer.

Understanding the Sustainable Consumer

Nearly three in four consumers now say they would definitely or probably change their consumption habits to reduce their environmental impact.




Label-Friendly Ingredients for Sweetening & Texturizing:

Canola Lecithin

Cargill is a supplier of canola lecithin. Canola lecithin may be used in a wide variety of food applications, including chocolate and confectionery, bakery and convenience foods.

[North America]/[]

Custom Texturizing Systems

Our knowledgeable technical applications team can help you successfully integrate functional Custom Texturizing Systems in existing food and beverage products or in new product development. 

SimPure™ Label-Friendly Starches

Cargill offers a diverse selection of label-friendly, nature-derived texturizers. 

[North America]/[]

MaizeWise® Whole Grain Corn Products

MaizeWise® whole grain corn products, such as corn flour, can directly replace existing ingredients, or blend with them, while helping deliver 100% whole grain nutrition.  Product varieties include corn flour, corn meal and masa flour.

[North America]/[]


Pectin is an ingredient and a natural component of plants that is especially abundant in apples and citrus fruits. 

[North America]/[]


Using our proteins, we help our customers achieve the taste, mouthfeel, functionality and nutrition profiles their customers want.

SimPure™ Soluble Rice Flour

More and more, ingredient familiarity matters. SimPure™ 92260 harnesses one of nature's most traditional botanical sources – rice – to create a label-friendly alternative to maltodextrin.

[North America]/[]

Non-GMO* Tapioca Syrup

Cargill's portfolio of tapioca syrups features a full range of carbohydrate profiles and Dextrose Equivalent (DE) levels plus Certified Organic lines.

[North America]/[]

ViaTech® Stevia Leaf Extract

ViaTech® stevia sweeteners are high performance ingredients that help food and beverage manufacturers achieve optimal taste and sweetness at higher usage levels.

[North America]/[]


Some Cargill products are only approved for use in certain geographies, end uses, and/or at certain usage levels. It is the customer's responsibility to determine, for a particular geography, that (i) the Cargill product, its use and usage levels, (ii) the customer's product and its use, and (iii) any claims made about the customer's product, all comply with applicable laws and regulations.