Food & Beverage - Europe, Middle East, Africa

C☆PulpTex™ Solutions designed to bring added pulpy textures to food and beverage systems, C☆PulpTex™ can be used to improve the overall product appeal or replace costly ingredients.

Explore bakery applications


We have a diverse lineup of flours, starches, oils and more that can help you meet consumer demand for whole grains, high fiber, reduced cholesterol and sodium in addition to low fat / zero trans-fats.

Bakery Mixes

We have the formulation capabilities to produce mixes for cakes, brownies, breads and other popular options. 

Cakes & Pies

A superior portfolio of flours, chocolates, cocoas and oils and gluten free bases. Cargill is uniquely equipped to produce the results your business demands.

Cookies & Biscuits

Cargill offers a wide range of ingredients for cookies and biscuits including flour, cocoa and chocolate, soy proteins, sweeteners, oils & fats and a wide range of sweeteners.


Uniquely satisfying taste and texture delivering whole-grain nutrition along with other popular health attributes such as reduced cholesterol and even zero grams trans fats.

Pancakes & Waffles

An outstanding portfolio of flours, oils, texturizers and sweeteners with superior freeze-thaw performance.


You can rely on Cargill for quality ingredients including flours, chocolates, sweeteners, icings and more.

Pizza Dough

Flours, starches, oils, shortenings and more to develop satisfying pizza doughs with the sensory attributes and rise performance consumers prefer.

Sweet Goods

Quality flours, chocolates, sweeteners, icings and more. We can help you deliver the decadence consumers crave.


White and yellow masa flours, starches, oils, whole grains and more – to help you develop tender tortillas in varieties and nutritional options to satisfy America’s changing palate.

Explore confectionery applications

Caramels & Chewies

Ingredients for proper emulsification and fat replacement, creating the right texture, mouthfeel, sweetness and body.

Chewing Gums

Sugar-free products, center-filled gums and new fruity flavors provide our customers with excellent machinability, emulsification, shelf life extension and moisture retention.


We partner with our customers to produce a product with excellent viscosity, creaminess, flexibility, improved gloss and shelf stability to achieve the perfect piece of chocolate.


Whether it is marshmallow, crème or fruity, we offer the right mix of ingredients to achieve the flavors your customers crave.


Ingredients that provide unique textures and superior mouthfeel for gummies and soft candies, including natural and vegetable sourced ingredients.

Hard Candies

Our portfolio includes citric acid, sugar, reduced calorie sweeteners and the latest anti-sticking and release agents.


From standard to specialty ingredients we offer the ideal solution to achieve texture and taste your customers crave.

Water Jelly

Our polyols, especially Zerose™ erythritol, can support sugar replacement, product development and allow for lower calorie profiles in jellies and jelly drinks.

Explore snacks & cereals applications


Our high quality ingredients and attention to detail make these bars seem like they just came out of Mom's kitchen.


Turn to us for the most innovative thinking and the most innovative ingredients, for popular hot cereal options in addition to child, all-family and adult ready-to-eat (RTE) selections.

Chips & Crisps

Crispy chips and crisps come from using our high quality ingredients and systems.


Turn to us for the right oils and shortenings, starches, texturizing ingredients and more – including the know-how you've come to expect from Cargill.

Salty Snacks

Leverage our extensive expertise in oils, grains and ingredient clusters to produce great-tasting snacks that also deliver positive nutrition.

Explore beverages applications

Alcoholic Beverages

Since 1899 our alcohol teams have been dedicated to producing quality alcohol from natural ingredients resulting in excellent and constant taste and odor.

Beer Brewing

We offer a wide variety of quality malts, sweeteners and more, along with the formulation expertise to ensure you generate gratifying taste sip after sip.

Carbonated Soft Drinks

We have a full portfolio of zero-calorie sweeteners, flavors and texturizers to help meet your product goals.

Dairy & Soy Drinks

Cargill's improved taste and mouthfeel, it's all part of the taste profile and health benefits today’s consumers expect.

Energy Drinks

The demand for healthier, great tasting energy drinks is growing every day.  Take advantage of our consumer insight, regulatory and scientific expertise to capitalize on this trend.

Functional & Flavored Waters

All the solutions and ingredients you need to develop winning beverage products.

Juice & Juice Drinks

Turn to us for the right sweeteners, texturizers and health and specialty ingredients to help you refine your current lineup and launch the innovative juices of tomorrow.

Powdered Beverages

We can help you develop satisfying new offerings that will generate incremental sales and boost share for your brand. 

Ready to Drink Coffee

Use our wide selection of sweeteners, texturizers and more to help you develop the bold, breakthrough coffee flavors that will help you take the lead in this growing segment.

Ready to Drink Tea

Leverage our vast portfolio of sweeteners, texturizers and more to capture the taste, sensory and performance attributes you’re looking for.

Sports Drinks

Health promoting and specialty ingredients, texturizers, acidulants, sweeteners and more. We can deliver the perfect balance of carbohydrates, electrolytes and flavor.

Some Cargill products are only approved for use in certain geographies, end uses, and/or at certain usage levels. It is the customer's responsibility to determine, for a particular geography, that (i) the Cargill product, its use and usage levels, (ii) the customer's product and its use, and (iii) any claims made about the customer's product, all comply with applicable laws and regulations.