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Take a look into the World of Protein with a detailed look at consumer beliefs, trends and data surrounding this building block of diets everywhere.

Protein Insights

Cargill Protein Foodservice Protein Insights IconWhere is protein going? Find out here.

Cargill is home to some of the leading value-added protein products and brands in foodservice. But we’re also committed to leading the way in research and innovation, identifying the next big opportunities for protein products and uncovering new ways for operators to profit by staying ahead of the market. We dive deep into customer attitudes and behaviors, trends, purchase habits and more, generating proprietary insights you can use immediately to help plan your next moves.

Trend insight: all-day breakfast

Breakfast – it’s not just for breakfast anymore. Driven by Millennial eating habits and popularized by fast food chains, all-day breakfast has caught on in a big way*. Lunch and dinner are becoming increasingly breakfastized – brinner, anyone? – but there’s more to the story. Extended and mixed dayparts, changing preferences and the influence of social media are all driving big changes in how we eat. What does this mean for your operation? Download our All-Day Breakfast Report to learn how you can make the most of this trend, and get ready for what’s next.

Future insights

Check back for more facts, figures and ideas on how you can drive profits with protein.

*Cargill Analysis, 2016

Protein is trending

Seven out of ten consumers are making high protein foods and beverages a key part of their diets and purchasing decisions. One-third of consumers make protein their primary focus when choosing what to eat.

Animal protein is king

Animal protein has the largest share of total grocery spending for protein foods and beverages. Though consumers eat dairy more often, they spend more on meat and eggs.

Healthy is hot

Consumers are looking for smarter, healthier choices — less fat, less sugar, less processed — and they’re willing to pay for it. But trends and perceptions change often and also vary regionally.

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