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Supersocolate Special™ Fats & Oils

Supersocolate Special™ brand is a premium grade cocoa butter substitute made from fraction of lauric oil.

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Supersocolate Special™ cocoa butter substitute features:

  • Excellent sharp and complete melting at body temperature
  • A satisfying, cooling sensation in the mouth
  • Good mould release ― is hard and brittle in ambient temperature
  • Glossiness which imparts shine to the bar


  • Confectionery

    • Partial replacement for dairy butter in butterscotch
    • Chewing candies
    • Chocolate caramels
    • Molding of chocolate bars
    • Pastel compounds


Supersocolate Special™ cocoa butter substitute is packed in polyethylene lined cartons of 20kg, 25kg net or in drums of 180 kg or 190kg net, 20 metric tons flexibag or 20 metric tons isotanker.


It is essential that Supersocolate Special™ cocoa butter substitute be stored in the original packing in a cool, well-ventilated, dry place. It should not be exposed to direct sunlight or bright daylight.


Supersocolate Special™ cocoa butter substitute is shipped in 20ft containers which can hold either 800 or 1000 cartons equivalent to 20 metric tons net or 96 drums or 1 unit of flexibag or isotanker.


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