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Lactose-free Dark Chocolate

Lactose-free Dark Chocolate

Enable lactose-intolerant consumers to indulge safely

Key benefits

  • Provide lactose-intolerant consumers with a chocolate they can enjoy safely
  • Enlarge your consumer base by meeting market needs Lactose free
  • Cater to the growing number of health-conscious consumers who choose a lactose-free diet 

A safe and delicious dark chocolate

Cargill’s lactose-free dark chocolate has all the rich flavour of consumers’ favourite dark chocolate but with no lactose. Applying the strictest lactose-free standards, Cargill ensures there is no detectable lactose in this chocolate, catering safely to this growing sector.

Grow your market share by stepping into a new market

With around 70% of the world’s adult population suffering from lactase deficiency*, make the  most of a growing opportunity by providing lactose-free chocolates. As awareness of lactose-intolerance grows worldwide, it is a great time to offer consumers more chance to enjoy the treats they love without compromising their health ideals – and increase your sales at the same time. 

An indulgent treat all consumers can enjoy

Create something everyone can savor with a delicious lactose-free dark chocolate that is safe for intolerant consumers to indulge in. And at the same time, you can serve the growing numbers of health-conscious consumers who choose a lactose-free diet.

* According to EFSA

Product Specifications

Technical information

Applications: All applications

Legal appellation: Lactose-free chocolate

Possible claims: Lactose-free chocolate

Delivery form: Liquid

Shelf life: 24 months

Storage conditions: Store in a cool (10–20°C) and dry place (air moisture <60%), no exposure to foreign odors or direct sunlight