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Yoghurt-flavoured white chocolate

Yoghurt-flavoured white chocolate

A tangy taste that balances indulgence and wellbeing

Key benefits

  • Innovate with the fresh taste of yoghurt – perfect for spring and summer editions
  • Tempt health-conscious consumers with a chocolate product that balances indulgence with wellbeing
  • A permissible treat loved by kids – and parents too

Offer consumers a white chocolate treat with yoghurt goodness

Create an on-trend white chocolate yoghurt taste that health-conscious consumers will love. As people increasingly seek out sensible food choices and pursue active lifestyles, yoghurt-flavoured chocolate appeals to consumers seeking lighter options with a fresh, tangy taste.

Innovate with a flavour that is always fresh

With a taste that is ideal for spring and summer special editions, as well as for creating brand new recipes, yoghurt-flavoured white chocolate offers scope for deliciously modern innovation. Try it as a solid tablet, use it to enrobe ruit, coat cereal bars and breakfast biscuits, or why not enjoy it with fruit inclusions for a lighter tasting treat consumers will find it hard to resist?

A permissible treat enjoyed by the whole family

Everyone enjoys a chocolate treat, and by adding a yoghurt flavour it becomes a more permissible and irresistible indulgence to adults and children alike. Enlarging your range with yoghurtflavoured white chocolate can also help you grow healthy market share by appealing to more grown-up consumers who want a chocolate taste with the wellness perception benefits of yoghurt.

Product Specifications

Technical information

Cocoa content: 45% min

Fat content: 40% min

Applications: Tablets, pralines, enrobing and bottoming of bakery, biscuits and cereal bars

Legal appellation: Yoghurt-flavoured white chocolate

List of ingredients: Cocoa butter, sugar, yoghurt powder (milk), whole milk powder/cocoa solids: 45% min, May contain soya

Possible claims: Organic chocolate, In the German market: Claim “with yoghurt” and imagery can include yoghurt

Additional information: Available as: Kosher, Organic

Delivery form: Liquid and solids (drops, buckets, vacuum packs)

Shelf life: 18 months

Storage conditions: Store in a cool (10–20°C) and dry place (air moisture <60%), no exposure to foreign odors or direct sunlight