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Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate

From decadent to fruity, bitter to semisweet, we have a dark chocolate to fit your every need.

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Dark Chocolate Brochure | Cargill Food & Beverage Ingredients

Chocolate can help you elevate the sensory experience in your baked goods, snacks, and beyond- especially dark chocolate. Whether you are searching for a dark chocolate confectionery coating, a high cocoa drop for baked goods or a semisweet chunk for snack bars, we have the solution for you. Download our portfolio to learn more.

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Explore these dark chocolate products

Wilbur Bittersweet Chocolate Drop | Cargill

Wilbur CC-6990 72% Bittersweet Chocolate Drop

Wilbur Brandywine Bittersweet Dark Chocolate Drop | Cargill

Wilbur V995 Brandywine Bittersweet Chunk

Explore our dark chocolate products 

Product Description
Elite Semisweet Coating Cocoa and alkali notes run through Elite but it’s the cherry notes that make it distinct amongst the darks. Displays subtle sweetness with delicate touches of caramel, cream, and a vanilla-like bouquet. 52% Cocoa Content.
CC-4488 Bittersweet Drop CC-4488 has a high-cocoa profile for a deep chocolate flavor. Specifically designed in a larger chip size to emphasize visual impact in finished baked goods, gourmet desserts, and snacks. 60% Cocoa Content.
CC-6153 Semisweet Drop CC-6153 features a sweeter profile with creamy roasted flavors finished by dark fruit hints and a whisper of coconut. An indulgently stringy texture following baking for the ultimate sensory immersion. 43% Cocoa Content
CC-1138 Regal™ Semisweet Drop Find a creamy caramel taste in Ambrosia Regal, a semisweet drop with a strong chocolate flavor profile highlighted by an impactful vanilla-flavored finish. 45% Cocoa Content.
CC-1139 Jay Jays Semisweet Drop The sweetest dark chip in the Ambrosia product line, Jay Jays offers a complex profile with mid-range vanilla-like flavor, pronounced roasted notes and traces of mild dark fruit and coconut. 45% Cocoa Content.
CC-1141 RDL-7 Semisweet Drop Ambrosia RDL-7 semisweet drop boasts pronounced flavors of vanilla and coconut and serves delicate touches of dark fruit, caramel, and cream. 46% Cocoa Content.
CK-7117 Eden Semisweet™ Chunk A semisweet chocolate chunk driven by dark fruit, Eden’s strong cocoa and roasted notes are complimented by a balanced, vanilla flavor. 45% Cocoa Content.



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