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Cargill makes your menu planning easier and smarter with turkey products and cooked meats to broaden your protein palette.

Turkey & Cooked Meats

Premium turkey products

Cargill Protein Foodservice Turkey and Cooked MeatsThere’s a lot more to the protein landscape than beef and chicken. Cargill is a leader in tender, juicy and delicious turkey products, from whole turkeys to boneless, bone-in, cured meats and more. Our Shady Brook Farms turkeys are independently-raised with no growth-promoting antibiotics, so you can bring healthy, great-tasting turkey to your customers. We bring the quality and reliability you need to create outstanding dishes that bring people together more than just once a year.

Versatile cooked meats

Today’s labor challenges in foodservice mean that many operators need great meals without starting from scratch. Save some of the work and take all the credit with dishes designed around our savory cooked meats. We offer a full range of custom and pre-formulated meat products to fire up great menus, including quick-frozen meat crumbles, oven-cooked diced meats and a variety of kettle-cooked products. They’re all designed to give you a head start to customer satisfaction and business success.

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Visit the foodservice product finder to explore all of Cargill's foodservice options for turkey and cooked meats.

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