Fressure™ fresh ground beef

freshness without compromise™

Fressure™ fresh ground beef patties are the top choice for consistent quality, fresh taste, longer shelf life and enhanced food safety. 


As burgers become more popular, restaurants will need to highlight distinguishing features of their burgers, such as a focus on freshness. In fact, using “fresh” as a burger claim has risen 18% from 2007 to 2010.*

* Mintel, Building-a-Better-Burger, June 2010



New Fressure™ fresh ground beef patties offer everything your operation needs to grow with the fresh, premium-burger trend in foodservice. Whether your current burger menu is pre-cooked, frozen or fresh patties, Fressure™ ground beef gives you an advantage. Protected by a patent-pending high-pressure process, these fresh burgers satisfy customer cravings for consistent, natural beef flavor as well as enhanced food safety. 

Fressure™ beef patties offer enhanced food safety in a natural way without chemicals, preservatives or high heat, and thanks to the double-the-industry-average shelf life it reduces costs from spoilage or lost sales from the lack of safety stock.

Fressure™ fresh ground beef. Fresh patty life & flavor.Ensure customer satisfaction 
  • Protected with a patent-pending high-pressure process, Fressure™ beef patties reliably offer consistent, fresh, naturally rich beef taste that customers crave* - keeping them coming back for more.
  • Naturally treated patties alleviate consumer safety worries without the use of chemicals, preservatives, or high heat.

*According to Cargill proprietary sensory panel

Unmatched in the market

With the patent-pending high-pressure process, no other fresh ground beef provider can offer the same level of quality and consistency of Fressure™ burgers along with the enhanced food safety for raw ground beef.

Fressure™ fresh ground beef. Pressure treating process. Fresh inside and out

The Fressure™ beef patties retain their freshness due to a natural pressure treating process on the outside of the package to protect the product on the inside which leads to a longer shelf life than standard fresh patties.

Fresh burgers that improve your bottom line
  • The process offers enhanced food safety, giving you peace of mind when serving Fressure™ burgers to your patrons.
  • Take advantage of the premium burger trend to attract and retain customers with a distinctive menu item.
The advantages Fressure™ beef patties bring to your burger menu

Whether you are currently serving fresh, frozen or pre-cooked burgers, Fressure™ beef patties will add value to your menu offering.

Currently serving
fresh burgers
Currently serving
frozen burgers
Currently serving
pre-cooked burgers
Double-the-industry-average shelf life reduces spoilage while maintaining consistent taste throughout the shelf life unlike typical fresh beef patties that have a flavor decline prior to their expiration date. A distinctive menu item that will help attract and retain customers because of the consistently great eating experience. Premium burgers that will become a valued menu option for your patrons by providing an eating experience superior to that of fully cooked burgers.
Reduces the variables that increase your cost such as shrink and delivery costs that are associated with shorter shelf life fresh ground beef while maintaining a safety stock. Research shows that fresh-never-frozen burgers command a premium menu price.

* Mintel, Building-a-Better-Burger, June 2010
The high-pressure process offers enhanced food safety, giving you peace of mind.


If you have been limited to serving frozen burgers due to your delivery schedule and the shelf life constraints of typical fresh ground beef patties, Fressure ™ beef patties eliminate those issues by providing a longer shelf life allowing you to upgrade your menu. A distinctive menu item that will help attract and retain customers by providing a fresh, naturally rich beef taste that customers crave.
    A savings per serving to you compared to fully cooked burgers.

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Even though the Fressure™ patties offer a significant food safety enhancement, following safe handling and cooking procedures for all raw meat, including this product, is extremely important.