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SimPure Functional Starch

Functional Native Starches

SimpureSimple, yet powerful.

Whilst native starches are certainly label-friendly, they sometimes do not deliver the full functionality needed in certain formulations. This is where our SimPure® range of functional native starched comes in. SimPure® leverages the unique properties of a variety of botanical sources to address some of today's most important texturizing challenges. 

Our growing SimPure® portfolio includes corn, potato, and tapioca-based starches.  SimPure® label-friendly functional starches help address consumers' desire for simple ingredients and familiar labels, whilst at the same time giving manufacturers greater process tolerance, shelf life and storage stability.


SimPure® 994 Portfolio

Waxy corn-based starches ideal for culinary and dairy applications, offering the full range of process stability.

Creates rich texture in ready meals and soups & sauces.

SimPure® 99400 is a label-friendly, corn starch that offers consistent viscosity, comparable to modified starches, with little reformulation. This starch is ideal for kettle-cooked products that undergo mild to moderate processing conditions at neutral pH conditions.


Ready meals, soups, sauces and gravies
(chilled and ambient)

  • Delivers rich, satisfying mouthfeel and texture
  • Offers comparable texture to modified starches
  • Retains viscosity through mild to moderate heating processes
  • Neutral taste and color profile


SimPure® 995 Portfolio

Potato-based starch solutions for meat and meat alternatives. 

Succulent texture for meats/meat alternatives.  

SimPure® 99500 is a label-friendly potato starch that provides a gelled texture and excellent water binding in low-temperature, low-shear processing. It is ideal for meat and meat alternatives that require low gelatinization temperatures, providing structure, firmness, yield improvement, purge control and emulsion stability.

Formed meat alternative products
  • Enhances texture, firm bite
  • Offers good slice-ability
  • Brings clean taste
Formed sausages
  • Enhances texture, firm bite
  • Offers good slice-ability
Whole muscle injection
  • Enhances taste and juiciness
  • Provides a firm texture and bite
  • Reduces cooking losses
  • Improves yield
Burgers and meat substitute burgers
  • Simplifies shaping with a less-sticky meat substrate
  • Provides a firm texture and bite
  • Reduces water loss over shelf-life


SimPure® 996 Portfolio

Tapioca-based starch solutions for dairy, dairy alternatives, meat, meat alternatives, canned meat, and pet food.

Gives structure to meat and meat alternatives.

SimPure® 99600 is a tapioca starch that provides soft-gelling properties to create firm-but-succulent meat alternatives that require refrigeration stability. This starch offers excellent water-holding capacity to reduce purge and improve juiciness.

Dairy and Plant-based Desserts
  • Provides soft-gelled texture
  • Excellent flavor release


SimPure® 999 Portfolio

Tapioca-based starch solutions for dairy, dairy alternatives, fruit preparations, soups, sauces, and ready meals.

Indulgent, creamy texture in dairy, dairy alternatives, fruit preparations, soups, sauces, and ready meals.

SimPure® 99900 is a non-gelling tapioca starch that creates creamy, indulgent textures thanks to its fat-mimetic properties. It offers excellent cold-storage stability, controlling syneresis over shelf-life, while its neutral taste allows delicate flavor profiles to shine.  

Ready meals, soups and sauces
  • Non-gelling thickener for rich sauces
  • Provides excellent syneresis control and cold-storage stability
  • Creates creamy textures to enhance mouthfeel, especially in reduced-fat or plant-based sauces
Dairy and Dairy Alternatives
  • Rich creamy texture
  • ​Excellent flavor release
  • Superior shelf-life stability over time


SimPure® Product Overview

SimPure Sell Sheet

Simple Ingredients, Pure Functionality.™


SimPure® Tapping Into Tapioca

SimPure™ Tapping into Tapioca

New starches bring needed functionality to label-friendly space.



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