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From frosting on birthday cakes to the fuel in your car, Cargill Starches & Sweeteners North America (Starches & Sweeteners NA) is a part of your life in more ways than you would imagine. Leading national brands choose Starches & Sweeteners NA to develop, manufacture, and deliver ingredients that differentiate their food and beverage products in the marketplace. In addition, Starches & Sweeteners NA unlocks the goodness of the common corn kernel to create ingredients that are used in cattle feed, plastics, food packaging and medicines. Starches & Sweeteners NA also markets its own national brands, such as Truvia®, a zero-calorie sweetener, and Sweet Bran®, a value-added cattle feed. BIOasis™ is a feedstock co-location partnership program that offers over the fence product to bio-processing and biotechnology companies. Starches & Sweeteners NA employs more than 2,400 people and operates facilities in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, Tennessee and Texas.

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Learn more about Cargill’s EverSweet™ next-generation sweetener. It is made with the same sweetness that is found in the stevia leaf, to delight your taste buds with calorie-free joy.