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Filippo Berio Culinary Selection® Olive Oils

Elevate the flavor with Filippo Berio Culinary Selection® olive oils.

From the countryside of Lucca in the Tuscany region of Italy, to the finest kitchens across the globe,  Filippo Berio Culinary Selection® olive oils have a 150-year reputation for satisfying the most discriminating palates. Cargill offers these same artisan olive oils to food manufacturers who value flavor, quality and nutrition for their products. 

Filippo Berio Culinary Selection® olive oils is available in three options, based on your specific application needs. 

Filippo Berio Culinary Selection® Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  • Made from the first cold-press of the olives.
  • Aromatic and full-flavored, with a deep greenish-gold color and a rich, slightly peppery finish.
  • Imparts a medium fruity flavor followed by moderate sensations of bitterness and pungency.
  • Perfect for dressings, dips, sauces, marinades, soups, pizza dough and others where the oil is integral to the overall flavor profile. 

Filippo Berio Culinary Selection® Olive Oil

  • Carefully crafted from extra virgin and select refined olive oils.

  • Exquisitely balanced with a smooth, mild flavor and beautiful golden color finish.

  • This all-purpose olive oil enhances the flavor in applications like dressings, sauces and marinades, soups, pizza doughs and breads.

  • Can be used as a tasteful option in sautéing and frying applications.

Filippo Berio Culinary Selection® Refined Olive Oil

  • A light golden color with a neutral flavor.

  • A more shelf stable option that can be used in dressings, pizza doughs, cakes and breads.

  • Can be used in high heat applications, such as popcorn or fried snacks.

  • Can be used as a tasteful option in par-baking and frying applications. 

Berio Culinary Selection® are trademarks of SALOV S.p.A, used under license.


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