Cargill recognizes the complex social, economic and environmental issues facing our world. Due to the complexity of these issues, we form partnerships with organizations to provide meaningful impact in the nutrition and health of those in our communities; foster sustainable economic development; and promote responsible business practices in our supply chains.

We contribute our knowledge, skills, financial and technical support to our partnerships and believe our contributions can help deliver long-term solutions to our local communities as well as globally.

Focus areas

Our partnerships are focused primarily within three areas:

  • Food security and nutrition. We support partners working to address hunger, improve nutrition and increase agricultural productivity.
  • Education. We support programs and projects that improve access to primary and secondary education for children; build skills in science, technology and engineering; and partnerships with higher education institutions in the areas of agriculture, food security and food safety.
  • Environmental stewardship. We partner with organizations that demonstrate global leadership in protecting our natural resources and promote sustainable agricultural practices in our communities and supply chains.

How we select our partners:

We seek partnerships with established, credible global, national and local organizations that are in the communities we have a business presence in. Our partners:

  • Align with our purpose of nourishing people
  • Serve within our focus areas
  • Have a presence in or make an impact to the communities we do business in

We typically identify partner organizations that:

  • Our involvement can make a distinct contribution and help to create solutions
  • Align with our business interests
  • Solve real and underlying problems
  • Engage our employees and leverage their expertise
  • Provide collaboration opportunities with others including customers and non-governmental organizations (NGOs)