Cargill management

Cargill management team
  • Gregory R. Page
    Executive Chairman of the Board
  • David W. MacLennan
    President and Chief Executive Officer
  • Paul D. Conway
    Vice Chairman
  • Emery N. Koenig
    Vice Chairman and Chief Risk Officer
  • Marcel H. M. Smits
    Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
  • William A. Buckner
    Senior Vice President
  • LeighAnne Baker
    Corporate Vice President, Human Resources
  • Patrick E. Bowe
    Corporate Vice President
  • David E. Dines
    Corporate Vice President
  • Michael A. Fernandez
    Corporate Vice President, Corporate Affairs
  • John E. Geisler
    Corporate Vice President and Chief Information Officer
  • Todd B. Hall
    Corporate Vice President
  • Norman Hay
    Platform Leader
  • Thomas M. Hayes
    Corporate Vice President, Operations
  • Thomas J. Intrator
    Platform Leader
  • Olivier Kerr
    Platform Leader
  • Bram C. Klaeijsen
    Platform Leader
  • Kimberly A. Lattu
    Corporate Vice President and Controller
  • Sarena Lin
    Corporate Vice President, Strategy & Business Development
  • Christopher P. Mallett
    Corporate Vice President, Research and Development
  • Paul Naar
    Platform Leader
  • Jayme D. Olson
    Corporate Vice President and Treasurer
  • Angie Ooi
    Platform Leader
  • K. Scott Portnoy
    Corporate Vice President
  • R. Wayne Teddy
    Corporate Vice President 
  • Frank J. Van Lierde
    Platform Leader
  • Laura Witte
    Corporate Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary