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The intelligent approach to optimize your costs and environmental performance

SimCorrugator® is an innovative software package that simulates real production environments to evaluate energy, starch, chemical and water usage, plus carbon emissions, throughout the board manufacturing process.

SimCorrugator® technology enables Cargill’s skilled specialists to identify the best way to optimize your consumption and reduce emissions, as well as maximizing productivity due to improved runnability. Tests have shown that SimCorrugator® software can achieve over 90% accurate prediction of outcomes in the production of corrugated board products.

Discover how you could achieve up to 20% starch saving, 10% energy reduction and get lower overall costs through optimization!

SimCorrugator® software produces immediate results such as:

  • Detailed results overview
  • Display volumes streams (glue, paper, steam)
  • Immediate viewed impact of parameter changes

Versatile environments

SimCorrugator® technology is compatible with all types of corrugated board and can be used with a wide range of corrugating machines. It also supports cooler corrugating by providing real insight into potential production process improvements.

In addition, combine SimCorrugator® technology with C☆RheM™ adhesive conditioner, and boost your financial and environmental performance!

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