Soybean oil

As companies look for natural, environmentally friendly chemistries, soybean oil’s use in technical applications continues to grow. Its widespread availability and low cost make soybean oil an ideal component for developing renewable, bio-based products.

Soybean oil is widely used to manufacture alkyd resins for paints and inks. In personal care applications it is used for its natural moisturizing properties. Soybean oil is also used in anti-dust formulations and natural-based cleaners. Its high lipid content makes it a good feedstock for specialty fermentation applications. Soybean oil’s lubricating characteristics are used in oilfield drilling applications and hydraulic fluids.

Soybean oil can also be “blown” and “bodied” to achieve high viscosity oil products.

Key characteristics
  • low odor
  • environmentally friendly
  • easy soap and water clean up
  • moisturizing
  • lubricating
  • lipid source for fermentation
  • slow drying
  • cost effective

Our high quality refined soybean oil comes from refineries throughout the United States.

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