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Agri-Pure™ High Oleic Vegetable Oils

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Availability: North America

Processed from renewable agricultural sources, Agri-Pure® high oleic oils are environmentally friendly and can be formulated to function with the characteristics typically found only in more expensive synthetic-based fluids. Agri-Pure® oils can be used in a variety of applications within the lubricants category.


Product Name Description Oleic Acid
Agri-Pure® 60 Oil Refined canola oil 60%
Agri-Pure® 65 Oil High oleic canola oil 65%
Agri-Pure® 75 Oil High oleic vegetable oil 75%
Agri-Pure® 80 Oil High oleic sunflower oil 80%
Agri-Pure® 85 Oil High oleic canola oil 80%
Agri-Pure® 82 Oil High oleic soybean oil 82%

For our European customers we also have a full range of monounsaturated oils.

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