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Agri-Pure™ Fatty Acids & Esters

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Availability: North America

Fatty acids

Cargill offers a variety of vegetable based fatty acids. These acids can be used in lubricant applications as well as an acid source in ester manufacturing.

Product Description Appearance Acid Value
Agri-Pure® 136 Fatty Acid vegetable based fatty acid paste 150-160
Agri-Pure® 138 Fatty Acid vegetable based fatty acid solid 150-160

Ester low VOC solutions

Our esters can be used to create low VOC solutions. These products are highly reactive and have relatively low viscosity. This unique chemistry has been developed to span a variety of different coating applications including oil-modified urethanes, exterior wood finishes and alkyd resins.

Product Description Viscosity CP @ 40ºC Acid Value
Oxi-Cure® 100 Reactive Diluent Rapid dry ester 0.7 <2
Oxi-Cure® 210 Reactive Diluent A rapid drying oil that resists yellowing   <3
Oxi-Cure® 575 Fluid
Proprietary ester 380 <10
Product name Description
Oxi-Cure® 2000 Biobased Coalescent Improves coalescence of latex paint films; incorporated into the coating for no VOCs. Virtually no odor compared to other commonly used higher VOC coalescents.

High stability esters

Agri-Pure® esters are made from a variety of vegetable oils and can be used in hydraulic fluids and metalworking lubrication applications such as drilling, cutting, and rolling. The unique composition of these fluids offers high flash and fire points, providing necessary safety characteristics for lubrication formulations.

Product name Description cSt @ 40ºC Acid value
Agri-Pure® 315 Fluids High stability ester with low pour point   <0.2
Agri-Pure® 456 Fluids Higher stability ester with a low pour point 41.1-50.6 <1


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