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Flooring Polyols & Polymers

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For flooring applications, BiOH comes in two forms: polyols for foams for cushioning or polymers for binding, adhesive and foaming applications.

Polyols for carpeting:

In the carpet market, polyurethane foam made with BiOH polyols is used to provide cushioning for several types of floor coverings. The foam can be applied directly to the floor covering or it can be manufactured as a stand-alone pad. Using BiOH polyols provides an alternative for companies looking to reduce their dependence on petroleum-based materials without sacrificing performance.

Polymers for carpeting:

BiOH® polymers are effective plant-based resins developed for carpet and flooring manufacturers with binding, adhesive and foaming applications. Engineered to displace chemicals derived from heavy and light crude oil, BiOH polymers significantly reduce manufacturing costs while meeting the growing consumer demand for eco-friendly goods at reasonable prices. BioH polymers have broad application in multiple binder systems.

  • Can replace up to 60% of latex
  • Reduced odor and VOCs in production environment and in end products
  • Increase line speed by 10-20% or drying energy
  • Increase tuft bind
  • Low temperature cure
  • Isocynate and formaldehyde free
  • Toxic Substances 

Flooring VOC emissions

Flooring BiOH Polymers