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Strahlux™ Vegetable Waxes for Candles

Email us Available in Europe only
Contact us If you have questions on our products, would like a sample, or need a tailor-made blend.

Regional Availability: Europe

We offer an extensive range of palm waxes for all candle types, which can be supplied based on RSPO-certified palm oil from mass balance and/or segregated origin. For customers preferring another vegetable wax basis, we have solutions based on rapeseed, sunflower and coconut oil.

Strahlux™ vegetable waxes are fully compliant with the requirements of the German RAL Quality Mark for Candles. View the accreditation certificates for our Hamburg and Rotterdam (Botlek) production sites.



Recommended Use
Strahlux Botanical Origin MP IV Col Y Col R Church
T-lights (poured
& pressed)
& Scented
Pressed free-
620 Coconut 32 1 10 1      
35-67 Palm 39 50 30 3      
615 Palm 40 1 10 1      
635-41 Palm 41 44 25 2,5    
635-43 Palm 43 32 20 2    
660-43 Rapeseed 43 60 15 1,5    
660-50M Rapeseed/Coconut 43 5 20 2      
625-44 Sunflower 44 59 15 3      
635-45 Palm 45 38 25 2,5    
35-58M Palm 48 32 20 2    
66-437 Rapeseed/Palm 50 44 10 1    
27 Palm 51 37 25 2,5  
27-80 Palm 52 28 30 3  
660-52 Rapeseed 52 56 15 1,5    
635-60 Palm 55 15 20 2    
635 Palm 58 1 10 2    
660 Rapeseed 68 1 10 1    


MP:  Typical melting point in °C
IV:  Typical iodine value in gI/100g
COL Y:  Maximum color, yellow values in Lovibond 5 ¼ “ cell
COL R:  Maximum color, red values in Lovibond 5 ¼ “ cell


We are continually developing new vegetable waxes for candles, to meet the ever-changing demands of our customers and to offer improved functionality and performance. If you do not see the grade you are looking for, need further information on our vegetable wax range, would like a sample or need a tailor-made blend: we are happy to help!

Email us Available in Europe only
Contact us If you have questions on our products, would like a sample, or need a tailor-made blend.


Church LightsChurch-lights: Also known as ‘Gravelights’, our Strahlux™ vegetable waxes are well suited to the production process, and to the long burn-time requirements of this candle type. The waxes can be blended with soft paraffin grades; for a fully vegetable-based candle, the 635-41 grade is recommended.




Tea Lights T-lights: Mid-melting Strahlux™ waxes are suitable for t-light candles, often blended with refined paraffin wax to the customers’ own recipe. For pressing processes Strahlux™ 635-60 is particularly recommended, and for pouring processes all grades are suitable. Strahlux™ 66-437 has been developed for white t-lights, having a very light color.




Containered & Scented candlesContainer & scented: A wide range of Strahlux™ waxes can be used in container candles, depending on the requirements of the formulator; typical blend ratios are 70-80% vegetable wax and 20-30% mid-melting paraffin wax. For scented candles, Strahlux™ 615 and 660-50M are especially recommended; low odor, light color, excellent shelf-life stability and good fragrance compatibility are key benefits. For general use, Strahlux™ 35-58M, available based on segregated RSPO palm, is highly appreciated for its technical performance : smooth crystallization and surface features, no shrinkage, light color and good compatibility with other wax types.



Pressed & free standing candles Pressed free-standing: Higher-melting waxes with rapid crystallization are suitable for candles made from pressing of powdered waxes, usually in a blend with refined paraffin in order to achieve the correct properties. Depending on the details of the process used, typically 20-50% vegetable wax can be incorporated into the wax blend.




Others: Vegetable waxes are used increasingly in other industrial and consumer applications. Cargill has a range of waxes suitable for the varied demands of these markets. Interested to learn more? Please see vegetable waxes for further information on our products and applications.

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