Strahlux™ Vegetable Waxes

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Regional Availability: Europe

The Strahlux™ candle wax range is specifically designed to meet the stringent and varied demands of European candle makers, and offers an array of performance characteristics and functional benefits.

  • Strahlux™ candle waxes are suitable for all candle manufacturing methods, especially pouring processes where the melting point and crystallization behavior can be finely adjusted. Correct selection of the wax and wick combination guarantees the desired burning time and the complete consumption of the wax in the cup.
  • Strahlux™ waxes burn soot-free, and up to 50 percent longer compared to mineral waxes under similar conditions.
  • Strahlux™ vegetable waxes are fully compliant with the requirements of the German RAL Quality Mark for Candles [RAL-GZ041, Appendix 1].

Strahlux™ candle waxes product portfolio

Stralux™ MP IV Col Y Col R Church
T-lights (poured
& pressed)
& Scented
Pressed free-
35 37 52 NS 3      
615 40 1 10 1      
635-41 41 44 25 2,5      
660-43* 43 60 15 1,5    
660-50M* 43 5 20 2      
635-45 45 38 25 2,5    
66-437 50 44 10 1    
27-HH 51 37 25 2,5  
635-51 51 20 25 2,5    
27-B 53 34 30 3    
635 58 1 10 2    
635-55 61 1 10 2    
660* 64 1 10 1      

* = Palm-free

MP: Typical melting point in °C.IV: Typical iodine value in gI/100g. Waxes with low IV have exceptional color stability for long shelf-life requirements. COL Y: Max color, yellow values in Lovibond 5 ¼ “ cell. COL R: Max color, red values in Lovibond 5 ¼ “ cell. NS: Not specified


Church-lights: Also known as ‘Gravelights’, our Strahlux™ vegetable waxes are well suited to the production process, and to the long burn-time requirements of this candle type. The waxes can be blended with paraffin grades, or used alone when the customer requires a fully bio-based and/ or vegetable-based product.

T-lights: Mid-melting Strahlux™ waxes are suitable for t-light candles, often blended with refined paraffin wax to the customers’ own recipe. For pressing processes Strahlux™ 66-437 and 635-51 are particularly recommended, and for pouring processes all grades are suitable. Strahlux™ 66-437 is especially developed for white t-lights, having a very light color.

Container & scented: A wide range of Strahlux™ waxes can be used in container candles, depending on the requirements of the formulator. For scented candles, Strahlux™ 615 and 660-50M are especially recommended; low odor, light color, excellent shelf-life stability and good fragrance compatibility are key benefits.

Pressed free-standing: Higher-melting waxes with rapid crystallization are suitable for production of pressed and extruded free-standing candles, usually in a blend with refined paraffin in order to achieve the correct properties. Depending on the details of the process used, 20-50% vegetable wax can be typically incorporated into the wax blend. 

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