Cargill Industrial Specialties

Increasingly, manufacturers are looking for naturally-sourced, renewable ingredients to formulate products that are environmentally friendly and appeal to today’s eco-conscious consumer.

Whether your goal is to create a low VOC paint formulation, vegetable oil based esters, a cost-effective hydraulic fluid, or a bio-based adhesive we offer the green chemistries you are looking for.

We also appreciate that functional requirements need to be balanced with reliable supply and reasonable cost. For this reason our customer teams include technical, R&D, and risk management professionals who can:

  • Recommend the optimal chemistries for your applications, from lubricants, base oils, and esters to innovative, renewable low-VOC products. 
  • Source product from our own processing plants worldwide to ensure consistent quality, and low cost.
  • Provide inventory and supply chain management tools to maintain consistent, reliable supply


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