Industrial / Bioindustrial products

Cargill’s range of nature-based products are suited to a number of industrial applications and markets. We offer a growing number of products derived from renewable sources designed to replace or offset non-renewable ingredients.


Industrial markets we serve

starches and additives for paper and corrugated board.

Specialty starches and performance enhancing additives for the paper making, corrugated board and adhesive industries.

Alcohol refineryCargill produces ethanol for industrial applications for use in products including solvents, extractants, antifreeze and intermediates in the synthesis of various organic chemicals.

oils and texturizers for oilfield drilling.

Natural oils, texturizers and emulsifiers for oilfield drilling muds and oilfield maintenance

paints, coating, and ink oils.

Environmentally advantaged oils and lubricants for the paints, inks and coatings industries.

home care cleaning supplies.

Non-toxic thickeners, viscosifiers, oils and lubricants for home care cleaning products.

hydraulic fluid lubricants.

Natural oil lubricants for hydraulic applications and functional fluids

Envirotemp™ FR3™ Dielectric Fluid Transformer

Envirotemp™ FR3™ Dielectric Fluid is a fire resistant soy-based ester dielectric coolant specifically formulated for use in distribution and power transformers.

Snow plow

Deicing salts and equipment for winter road maintenance.

Close up of bioh foam

BiOH® polyols are soy-based products used in flexible polyurethane foam cushioning for a growing number of uses, including furniture, bedding, automotive and carpeting.

Metal pipes

Cargill processes and trades multiple ferrous product lines globally through locations on 4 continents.

Cargill. Ocean freight solutions.

Global ocean freight solutions including chartering, trading, logistics, operations and risk management. 

Large salt crystals

Salt for a range of industrial and manufacturing applications.



Cargill manufactures industrial starch and related products for paper making, corrugating, adhesive, chemical industry, bio industry and oil drilling applications.