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Adhesives & Binders

Across markets and geographies, customers and regulations are dictating the need for environmentally friendly ingredients that are better for people and the planet. The adhesive and binders market is no exception.

Cargill’s deep expertise in agriculture-based chemistry has led to our adhesive innovations that draw on natural sources for bonding strength, versatility and staying power. Cargill continues to develop and customize non-toxic adhesive ingredients from renewable resources, such as corn and soy-based products for applications as varied as paper bags, corrugated board, wallpaper, lamination, pharmaceutical preparations, furniture and plywood.

Explore our products for adhesives and binders

Agri-Pure™ Biosolvent

Our vegetable oil-derived biosolvent offers excellent cleaning, thinning and solvent properties with fewer health risks than traditional solvents. Availability: Europe



With more than a century of expertise in making ethanol, Cargill's product features consistent pure quality and is an essential and value-adding raw material for the industrial sector.

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Industrial Base Oils

Canola, soybean and linseed oils provide many advantages over mineral oils, including low volatile organic compound (VOC) content and low toxicity. Availability: North America

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Dextrin pastes provide excellent machinability and can be used in adhesives and coatings that come into contact with food products.

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Dextrose is the fundamental monomer of all starchy products that enables the creation of chemical structures from renewable resources.

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Industrial Glucose Syrups

Industrial glucose syrups are a low-cost refined renewable base material for many industrial applications.

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Industrial Lecithin

Lecithin enhances the manufacture of oil-based emulsions, suspensions and dispersions and stabilizes these systems.



Maltodextrins are glucose polymeric chains with a molecular weight between that of starch and glucose syrups.

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Industrial Polyols

Cargill is one of the world’s leading producers of polyols. We offer a wide range of Polyols such as sorbitol, maltitol, mannitol, xylitol, erythritol, glycerin and isomalt, for use in many different industrial applications.

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Industrial Soy Flour Adhesives

Soy flour adhesives are a natural replacement for formaldehyde and phenol-based resins.

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Industrial Starches

Many of our starch products start with a variety of corn types, each with particular properties. Your optimal starch is selected according to application and specific qualities desired.

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