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Dielectric Fluids

Choose Cargill FR3 natural ester and Envirotemp™ synthetic ester dielectric fluids for your power and distribution transformers to improve grid reliability and fire safety, reduce environmental impact and gain cost efficiencies

As an internationally recognized ester fluids expert and global supply chain manager, Cargill supplies FR3™ natural ester and Envirotemp™ synthetic ester dielectric fluids to utilities and transformer manufacturers around the world.

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Meeting today’s energy demands is incredibly challenging. Consumers are demanding more sustainable, environmentally-friendly alternatives, and their energy use patterns are significantly different than just a few years ago.

Utilities are charged with providing safe, reliable and cost effective energy to their communities – yet they face some serious challenges ahead such as:

  1. Significant infrastructure upgrades required without raising rates
  2. Incorporating new technologies and alternative generation options into the mix while maintaining reliability
  3. Continuing to satisfy peak energy demands in a highly regulated industry

To meet their challenges, utilities need options that can make a dramatic impact on cost savings or efficiencies without sacrificing reliability, compromising safety or requiring major operational changes and capital investments. Utilizing Cargill dielectric fluids is one of those options.

Our dielectric fluid products

Cargill supplies both FR3™ natural ester fluid and Envirotemp™ 200 synthetic ester fluid to electric utilities, industrial customers and transformer manufacturers. Our fluids are used in more than 1 million power and distribution transformers worldwide.

FR3™ Fluid

FR3 fluid natural ester fluid is biodegradable and carbon neutral. It can help improve grid reliability and resiliency by extending the insulation life, increasing load capacity, and improving fire safety while reducing environmental impact. 

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Envirotemp™ Fluid

Envirotemp™ fluid is a less flammable, synthetic ester-based dielectric liquid ideally suited for use in free-breathing transformers (both new and retrofill). Compared to mineral oil, it offers increased fire safety, greater environmental protection and superior moisture tolerance.

[Asia Pacific, EMEA, Latin America, North America]/[]

Innovative solutions that enhance performance

Our focus is bringing innovative, renewable solutions that can enhance performance, optimize cost structures or processes and have a positive environmental impact. By partnering with our customers to gain a deep understanding of their specific needs, we can then apply our dielectric fluid technical insights to creatively solve their toughest problems.

With our global supply chain and robust manufacturing capabilities, our customers know they can rely on Cargill to deliver their dielectric fluid when they need it, anywhere in the world.

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FR3 fluid enables Tata Power to create safer, higher capacity transformers to help power megacity Mumbai, India.

Powering the Brazil Olympics

Watch how Light powers Rio de Janeiro and the 2016 Olympic Games safely and reliably with FR3 fluid.

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